WoW Classic Era and Hardcore Hotfixes -- Updated April 4


WoW Classic Era

  • For each player-character’s current Rank, weekly PvP contribution calculations now only award up to the amount of contribution points missing in progress towards the next Rank threshold.
    • Developers’ note: In higher ranks, players have been intentionally earning dishonorable kills to lower themselves below their current rank threshold in order to gain credit for an additional Rank, thereby allowing them to gain progress more quickly than a player who is just above that next Rank threshold. You now first earn up to the amount you’re missing from the Rank you start in. There should no longer be a benefit from lowering one’s rank via dishonorable kills to earn progress more quickly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Honor reward for Alterac Valley marks turn-in quests to be unintentionally doubled.

Dear Sir (or Madam?),

Thank you for the AV mark adjustment and this notice.

I would like to point out something that I think would require your attention. As you may have noticed, the PVP community is entirely confined in AV and many players would like to see some life in the other battlegrounds. As it stands, for anyone that is ranking, AV honor gains relative to effort far outweighs those of any other battleground. It would be appreciated to restore some balance.

Generally, the current player base only thrive for 6-minute AV base rushes, making PVP very much irrelevant. I would suggest maybe buffing the NPCs to counter that form of gameplay. I believe the ranking system should better reflect PVP, not be hinged entirely on PVE in Alterac Valley.

Furthermore, may I suggest a matchmaking system for the other battlegrounds, where groups over a given threshold (let’s say 5, as it was in TBC classic if I recall correctly), will only be queued against group of 5+ players only (or similar size). Although not a perfect solution, this may benefit those that don’t have many friends to queue with, or would like to experience AB and WSG battlegrounds casually, without the fear of facing 10-stack premades, to enjoy the battleground and not ultimately be part of completely uncompetitive and unenjoyable games also yielding very little honor for the effort (aka stomps).

Finally, I would suggest some changes that reward players for PVP efforts, rather than PVE, and encourage competitive and fun gameplay for as many people as possible as they pursue their ranking journey.

Have a great day!

(not sure if anyone even looks at this but here’s for hoping)


Is WSG/AB supposed to be halved as well? Those marks are still turning in at 796 for me.

Wait, does this make it impossible to rank from R1-14 in 8 weeks now?

The way I’m reading that is it’s going to take quite a bit longer to rank now, correct?

Does that mean we can finally play WSG or AB again? no cool

September 12, 2023

WoW Classic

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the NPC Tyrion from turning back into a quest-giver at the conclusion of the quest “The Attack!”
  • Hardcore Realms
    • The Coarse Dynamite thrown by civilian dwarf NPCs at Dun Modr should no longer cause players to become PvP flagged.
    • Developers’ notes: These specific NPCs had a very small chance to hit you and flag you, so it may as well be zero chance. Nonetheless, we do not intend to make changes to the general behavior of enemy faction guards in Hardcore. Players who wish to avoid being flagged for PvP should avoid enemy faction settlements and quests labeled “PvP” in the Quest Log.
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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

WoW Classic Era and Hardcore

  • Fixed an issue where certain hunter pets could be dismissed and attack nearby players.
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September 15, 2023

WoW Classic Era

  • [With Realm Restarts] Fixed a bug affecting bonus Honor awarded for Alterac Valley.
  • Completing “Fish in a Bucket” no longer rewards gold.
    • Developers’ notes: This change was originally made in patch 2.0.10 and works well in Classic Era/Hardcore, as the original quest provided an uncontested, single-faction, infinitely repeatable, low risk gold reward that does not comport with the nature of the rest of the game.
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Does this mean we wait to next AV weekend?

September 19, 2023

WoW Classic Era

  • The most-recent Alterac Valley bonus weekend has been extended. The bonus will end when the next bonus weekend (Warsong Gulch) begins on Friday, September 22.
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This is what I am wondering about myself also their hotfix from Sept 19. “The most-recent Alterac Valley bonus weekend has been extended. The bonus will end when the next bonus weekend (Warsong Gulch) begins on Friday, September 22.”

Its confusing

September 26, 2023

WoW Classic Era

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Ouro from spawning after a post-wipe reset.

October 2, 2023

WoW Classic

  • Hardcore
    • On Hardcore realms, mind control spells can not be used during normal duels.
      • Developers’ notes: There should be no change to duels on non-Hardcore realms, and this should not prevent players from using mind control spells during Mak’gora duels to the death.
    • Added an identifier that will show you the player class and level on hover-over, when challenged to a duel to the death.
  • Wrath Classic
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Joyous Journeys bonus to unintentionally disappear.
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October 13, 2023

Classic Era and Hardcore

  • The object created by a warlock’s Ritual of Summoning is now placed exactly where the warlock is standing.
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Hello Kaivax

I’m trying to raise some awareness on the issue of missing auto attack sounds. It has been an issue for many months and I would greatly appreciate if you could pass this on to the dev team and bring it to their attention.

Thank you in advance!

October 20, 2023

WoW Classic Era and Hardcore

  • Undead enemies in the tunnels just outside the entrance to Deadmines now have a more reasonable spawn rate.

October 25, 2023

WoW Classic Era and Hardcore

  • (With realm restarts) Added additional protections to prevent some deaths via flight-path disconnects. Now when you take a taxi, a protection aura is placed on you that prevents all damage, your hearthstone cooldown is reset, and your hearthstone spell is insta-cast.
    • Developers’ notes: We have alerts in place that will help us as we continue to monitor and investigate this issue.
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So is this not active yet?

I’ve not noticed any sort of buff when riding a gryphon and I’ve ridden gryphons with my hearth on cd and did not see it reset?

November 15, 2023

WoW Classic Era

  • [With realm restarts] Fixed an issue that prevented respeccing from refunding all of the character’s talent points as expected.