WoW Classic Era and Hardcore Hotfixes -- May 10

thats cool

Here is today’s hotfix for WoW Classic Era:

DECEMBER 12, 2022

WoW Classic Era

  • Corrected an issue that caused PvP Rank to fail to be calculated for the week ending December 6.
    • Developers’ notes: The December 6 calculations were recorded incorrectly, so we’ve reversed any decay incurred on December 6, and replaced it with rank points calculated using your best weekly ranking from the last 30 days. Additionally, players who began doing PvP the week ending December 6 (and therefore have no history to look at in the previous 30 days) have been granted 5000 rank points as compensation.
    • Sorcerer’s note: The long-lost Eldritch incantation required to update PvP Rank was not meant for mortals to invoke.

Great to read! Hopefully the Battlemasters for BG Weekends will reappaear soon. It has been over a month since they last spawned in the capital cities.

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Is there any reason for the free character transfers not being available currently?

Hooray! Jolly good update!

Word? thats crazy

Nice read!

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Not bad, Not bad.

Bumping this one

MAY 10, 2023

WoW Classic Era

  • The Defias Traitor is no longer killable by players of the opposite faction to prevent griefing.

Bring back the cloning service for classic Era


Now, this one makes sense!

But how does affect resto cat era parsing?!

great, now can you make the other npcs in westfall unkillable because horde can just sit on gryan stoutmantle all day and kill him because no level 60 guards will spawn

Add this to all Troll dungeons and raids, hell add it to all the 5 player dungeons. Make sure ZG is in there.

yup yup i totally agree wit hthis

good stuff!


WoW Classic Hardcore

  • The String of Ears buff earned for Mak’gora kills now persists through death.
  • Developers’ notes: This will allow the new Classic API to report the correct Mak’gora kill count for deceased characters.
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Thanks for the update Kaivax.

Are there any plans for this year to bring back melee auto attack sounds (No auto attack sound after a Dodge, Parry or Block) ? It is very evident with warriors and paladins, specially with a 2h weapon. The sound is also missing when the attack happens around the same time as an instant-cast melee ability like Sunder.


WoW Classic Era

  • For each player-character’s current Rank, weekly PvP contribution calculations now only award up to the amount of contribution points missing in progress towards the next Rank threshold.
    • Developers’ note: In higher ranks, players have been intentionally earning dishonorable kills to lower themselves below their current rank threshold in order to gain credit for an additional Rank, thereby allowing them to gain progress more quickly than a player who is just above that next Rank threshold. You now first earn up to the amount you’re missing from the Rank you start in. There should no longer be a benefit from lowering one’s rank via dishonorable kills to earn progress more quickly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Honor reward for Alterac Valley marks turn-in quests to be unintentionally doubled.