WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021

it would be 100% more accurate and true to classic wow then a variation where fundamental mechanics which defined the entire game are changed purely because one or two players dont like how they affect their class; and dont match their private server experience…

On that note this is an announcement thread so going to leave it at that.


I’ve updated the OP with several Hunter concerns outlined here.


I’ve got 1680x1050 screenshots from Aug 06. :wink:


As an aside, and this may be planned already, I think it would be wise to create a forum post in wherever the Classic forum will be (I’m unsure if the Classic Discussion Forum will remain our primary forum for dialogue after Classic is released) and a support page for Classic with a lot of these commonly reported bugs. A resource detailing the most common reported bugs (falsely) may help reduce GM/QA having to read through as many false or incorrect reports (especially in the beginning as I don’t believe many players read this forum who are not in the Closed Beta Test).


I believe the vanilla client could support up to 2560x1440 resolution. It certainly supported more than 800x600 :scream:. Mechanical keyboard came before membrane keyboards, I believe. Regardless, both mechanical and membrane were available to players in Vanilla. . . Other computer mice types besides mechanical were available, too… :thinking:


Yeah I haven’t used a trackball mouse since like 1998.

Hi All,

I’ve just updated the OP with the following:

  • Cone of Cold is behaving consistently with the reference client.
  • Arcane Missiles does not put the caster in combat .
  • A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break Rogues out of stealth.
  • The Berserking Troll racial ability is behaving as expected and matches the reference client.
  • The pet that a Warlock has when initially logging into the game world does not restore a Soul Shard when dismissed by taking a flight path or moving out of range.
  • The trigger range on Hunter’s traps are reduced by Stealth when the stealthed player is a similar or higher level than the Hunter.
  • Soul Link cannot be dispelled by dispelling the Warlock’s pet.
  • A Warlock’s Succubus pet cannot cast spells if they are out of line of sight of the target.
  • Manually cancelling Stealth after using Vanish will remove the Vanish buff as well as the Stealth buff.
  • Escape Artist has a very small chance to fail when used to escape an effect that has a decreased chance to be dispelled (e.g. a Rogue’s Vile Poisons talent).
  • Rogues are not broken out of stealth by Blizzard until they take damage.
  • Taunting Hunter pets that are set to Aggressive or Defensive mode will cause them to attack the taunting player.

I additionally modified the wording on the following to be a bit more clear:

  • “Melee leeway” is working as intended in both PvE and PvP.

well let’s be sure to trest that in beta…oh


Ummm, arcane missiles are not considered an attack? I am totally confused now. Why would it NOT initiate combat? That seems very odd to say the least.

Its a bug. Remember how they said “Warts and all”? This is a case of them literally restoring what is clearly a bug and not working as intended simply because thats how it worked in 1.12.

Every patch has bugs in it. All of them, and 1.12 had them also. Arcane Missiles not putting you in combat is definitely one of them, I would assume Hunter traps sharing DR with Scatter shot is another.

Pretty sure what we are seeing is them staying true to 1.12, bugs and all. Whether thats a good thing is another discussion. But people said “No changes” so /shrug


You’re kidding me right?

AGAIN… YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT? :exploding_head:


In current WoW once you start casting Arcane Missiles you are put into combat. In Vanilla WOW you wouldn’t be put into combat until the first projectile hit. Which also gave you a bit more time before the mob would start running at you. So in Classic you could start an arcane missile cast, cancel it before the first projectile goes out, and not enter combat.


That is not what is said by the Blue. He did not say that if you stop casting you are not thrown into combat. He just says, “Arcane missiles does NOT put the caster in combat”. To me that says you can hit them with the missiles and it will not automatically put you into combat. Which to me is astounding!

We need a bit more clarification on this, please.

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I mean could it be clarified further? Ya. I don’t personally think it needs to be. There’s a bit of common sense we could apply here, combined with a little bit of context and logic.

The “Not A Bug” list is typically in response to people reporting something they think is wrong. Did you see Arcane Missiles do damage, and somehow not put you in combat based on that damage? Did you hear anyone else discuss that in the many videos and posts about bugs here? Or is it far more likely and logical that this is based on someone thinking the modern WoW/Private server behavior of Arcane Missiles putting you in combat before damage is registered was supposed to be the intended behavior, but they were wrong?

And lastly, we certainly never had Mages easily soloing any mob in the game or the beta ,because Arcane Missiles never put them in combat so the mob never attacks them. Nor did they stand around doing essentially nothing to the out-of-combat mob, who would actually probably just keep regenerating since the NPC never enter combat either. Unless we are thinking this is some sort of way of forcing an NPC into a Bloodlust scenario where they are in combat with themselves (warrior ability that traded life for rage put you in combat).

There’s just so many weird things that would have come up surrounding that type of behavior if it were ever the case, either in the Classic beta or in 2004-2006. None of those conversations have actually come up though.

Yea…not a fan of this approach. There are bugs, and there are mechanics that were intended, but now seem out of place based on where the game is today.

I’m okay with the old intended mechanics…that’s the meta of the day, and what to reasonably expect playing that era of the game. Bugs in the game are unintended functionality of mechanics that were in place at that point in the game, for reasons that have nothing to do with the state of Classic today.

For example, there may have been broken things in the game that the developers recognized as issues, but decided to hold off on resolving until the next expansion. In this case, there is no new expansion coming to one day resolve these issues.

It’s double confusing when they actually put time and effort into code to reproduce a known bug, or mechanic that was intended for a different state of network & internet infrastructure (spell batching & leeway)

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Arcane missiles are not necessarily an example of a bug though. It was likely a design choice. It’s not like it is difficult to catch it, nor difficult to alter. So whatever was there, I’m pretty confident was intended.

Edit: There is no patch note about when it started putting you in combat right as it was started, but there is a note about a bug fix they put in during WotLK:

Ranks 12 and 13 will now properly cause players to enter combat.

Notice there was never a patch note indicating a bug fix for Arcane Missiles in general, besides one where it wasn’t shooting the correct amount of missiles sometimes. Likely it was lumped into a patch that overall altered when certain abilities would be enter you into combat, or result in a tagged mob (like DOTS. Something like curse of agony would not tag the mob you put it on, until the first tick of damage happened a few second into it).

An example like that I’m good with. You don’t pull aggro when starting a cast of fireball…only when the fireball hits the target. The same should go for Arcane Missiles…even though it’s a channeled spell. (which is where I think the rub is)

They are building off a modern client that is probably in a better place to resolve a lot of the old issues…why you would take the time to add code to recreate actual bugs though seems almost spiteful lol

There is a very important hunter bug that nobody has mentioned yet, see here need someone in beta to test this, this bug was never fixed, it persisted until TBC when traps were allowed to be used in combat and CD was increased to 30 seconds.

I’m not sure if this works in PVE but it should work in PVP, you may need to spam “pet passive” in combination with “feign death” while moving so that you won’t trigger the FD CD. This bug allows hunters to have in combat traps on 15s CD without using feign death.Someone please test this and get it in the patch notes.

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I understand the other stuff but I don’t understand why anyone want this:

These are clearly bugs and they don’t bring anything to the game except frustration and confusion. Why would anyone want to leave it as it is?


They weren’t bugs back then, at least, not the first two. That was how the game functioned as intended at the time; Blizzard later made changes based on feedback, but that was later on, and therefore, not included in Classic.

The inconsistency in quest markings may or may not have been a bug, but quite frankly, it’s not game-breaking and just lends to the authenticity of Classic, which is Blizzard’s ultimate goal. Again, it was something they fixed/changed later on.

“Bugs,” in this case, would be defined as a conflict between the old code and current client. Something that should have functioned a certain way during Patch 1.12 that isn’t functioning that way currently. There are a few certain exceptions they’ve made in order to prevent cheating, etc., but for the most part, Classic is turning out to be very much like Patch 1.12 Vanilla, right down to the same bugs that were present during that time. Those are not bugs that Blizzard will fix.

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