WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021

This is a bug, the infernal was used to cause havoc in vanilla.


But Battle of Darrowshire is a bug… please fix

Fight the good fight brother

Blizzard: not a bug
Reality: is actually a major bug

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This hasn’t been addressed yet by blizzard but we could really use a answer after a long time of waiting, hunters viper stings are not stacking on targets like our other stings.


I’ve just made a minor update to the list above with the following additions:

  • Some monsters have a “Thrash” mechanic and can proc multiple attacks against players in a very short duration.
    • Note: Most of these monsters can also “store” these procs and unleash them all several seconds later. An example of this is the Princess Theradras encounter in Maraudon. The Princess will store her attacks if kited and can land several attacks instantly when she catches up to her target. This behavior is consistent with the reference client
  • Righteous Fury grants additional threat on all holy abilities, not just attacks.
  • Sharpening stones have “hidden” level requirements and higher level stones cannot be used on lower level weapons.

Thank you!


The prot pally dream is alive!


can i ask why charge stun is on the same dr as cheap shot? i was under the impression cheap shot was on it’s own separate dr from everything else

Well, there it is.

So technically, I can just spam heals on myself and keep aggro with the 70% pushback resistance talent and concentration aura?


Funny, I thought it was charge that was on a separate DR? Either way that behavior changed several times not only over the life of WoW, but over the life of Vanilla specifically. Wouldn’t be surprised if the DR was shared in 1.12.


yeah cheap shot is on a separate dr from kidney and other stuns but i noticed this when i was doing dungeons and warrior charges in before im close enough to do my cheap shot

About thrash procs and your reference client.

Which mobs have it? Because all i could find is
which only has 40 mobs 2 of which are deadmines bosses.

Which doesnt mention mobs but does bosses. And if there is old notes can you direct me in the right direction?

Did this thrash mechanic just get added to classic to stop hunters from solo farming dungeons like Maraudon and Dire Maul? What happened to #nochanges


Taken from dev watercooler post

" After stitching various key pieces together, we had a locally rebuilt version of Patch 1.12 running internally."

In other words, they used a “stitched” up incomplete rebuilt version, instead of actually using the original version in it’s unmodified form. Most of what they did is guesswork and I believe they are wrong about many of the things in this post.

For example:

“Pet aggro radius is working properly and as expected. This is to say, it was extremely inconsistent in original WoW, and it remains inconsistent in WoW Classic.”

This is completely incorrect. Pet aggro radius is EXTREMELY CONSISTENT right now, in that I can send my pet RIGHT ONTO AN ENEMY and pull it back without aggroing it. This was NEVER a thing in vanilla. EVER! They are acting like it’s a hunter thing, when WARLOCKS are having the SAME PROBLEM.

I think you read too much into, and maybe misinterpret what is being “stitched together” to get 1.12 running. It’s not necessarily true that 1.12 was stitched together, getting it running on a modern system in a modern client is what could have required 'stitching various key pieces together." All of the data can be there, but it doesn’t mean you can run a game client with it.

This really grinds my gears. They can just say reference client and thats suppose to be the end all be all for 1.12. Even though there is countless posts on wowhead and wayback machine and even videos as proof somethings arent correct.

Would also explain why some things have TBC fixes when that wasnt the case in 1.12


Whats the word on discombobulator ray not dismounting enemy players? I have video proof if need be.


I think you’re the one misinterpreting. Blizzard “stitched together” the Legion client to be similar to the original 1.12 client. The actual original 1.12 client runs on modern systems without trouble.


Hahahahaha, no. Just no. This didn’t happen in 1.12. Please stop gaslighting your community, Blizzard. You have Thrash coded as an active ability. I know this because I’ve mind controlled mobs with it. If Thrash were coded properly as a proc, it wouldn’t be able to be “stored”. It would proc on the relevant hit. Some mobs have it properly coded(as you are describing it), such as the patrolling Abominations in Strat Live. I know this because the combat log properly reflects their Thrash procs.


The Sunscale Raptors in the Barrens appear to have this ability as well.