Wow classic cost?

Moderators aren’t us and we aren’t moderators, talking to customers condescendingly isn’t cute. That mod’s particular responses seem on par with a questionable MvP choice.


That’s well and good, doesn’t mean talking to customers like idiots is a good model.

I disagree, if you’re being an idiot than you should be called out on your idiocy, clearly you can’t handle that and would prefer that companies and CM’s GM’s all bottle up their emotions and either stick to yes/no reesponces or lick your boots. You are part of the problem in this instance, you are not king, you are not in charge, you are just a consumer and you do not get to dictate anything beyond Whether or not you buy the product, stick to that and not trying to control other people because you’re to sensitive to deal with being told no or having your stupidity explained to you as being in fact, stupid.


How was the OP an “idiot” because he voiced his opinion ?

Baege used the word idiot, ask them what they meant.

Tone it down there edgelord, just because you’re posting behind an avatar doesn’t mean Blizzard doesn’t hold business models similar to other western moguls. You might be fighting dragons but the responses still merit professionalism.

Talking to customers as if they’re idiots, e.g, with condescension.

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Actually you used it as well and I asked you why you considered their question/opinion as them being an “idiot”.

Now you’re both confusing me, fine i wont use the word ‘‘idiot’’ again since it triggers you so strongly.

Seems you’re easily confused :frowning:

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So they should have just not spoken at all. i would suggest writing to the BBB or something get Ythins fired for their deplorable behavior.

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Or they could’ve just posted… with some professionalism.

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Seems you’re perfectly fine being condescending, and insulting but just the GM’s aren’t allowed to because it’s not ‘‘professional’’ one must be a robot to speak to ‘‘customers’’ as they are king.


I’m not a Blizzard representative :wink:

I saw nothing wrong with what they posted,you’re better off reporting them to the BBB or something.


Happy for ya luv.

If your business is providing a product to “customers” then without them you have no business.

Right, so you’re free to be as rude, condescending as you want to be but blizzard must, not Must maintain a level head and straight face when dealing with you because?. You’re in charge here is my guess.


Since this has gone pretty unproductive I’m going to close this one for now.