WoW Classic Beta and Stress Test Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Warlock pets to occasionally be summoned with only default abilities and a new name

  • Southsea Freebooters are no longer shooting error cubes out of their guns

  • Fixed an issue that caused some NPCs to play the load bow animation twice when Shooting their ranged weapons

  • Fixed an issue with missing textures on the Warlock’s Imp pet model

  • Fixed dozens of creatures spawning in rocks, trees, and under terrain

  • Fixed an issue that prevented bosses from being summoned in Alterac Valley

  • Fixed an issue that caused creatures that were leashed across zone boundaries to permanently evade

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing spawns from exhibiting appropriate respawn functionality when a certain minimum population threshold was reached

  • Creatures no longer ignore collision when in combat with players

  • Creature pathing should no longer be disrupted by tapping the hotkey to walk backwards

  • Fixed a bug that caused server performance issues when a Hunter used Beast Training to teach abilities to a pet

  • The Spirit Healer is no longer missing from Brill

  • Fixed an issue that caused Hunter and Warlock pets to return to the player’s side when commanding the pet to engage a new target just before its old target dies

  • Stitches should no longer become neutral on his way to Darkshire, and the citizens of Darkshire should properly engage him in combat when he arrives

  • Fixed several issues with the pathing of Ogres in the Ruins of Alterac

  • Fixed an issue with Mottled Raptor respawn rates in the Whelgar’s Excavation area of Wetlands

  • Fixed an issue that caused Raider Jhash and Raider Kerr to become stuck in their mounting/dismounting animations when entering combat with an enemy creature

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck in combat when approaching Amnennar the Coldbringer in Razorfen Downs

  • Hunter pets no longer occasionally become stuck following the player after switching to Passive mode

  • Hunter pets are much more responsive about returning to the player’s side after switching to Passive mode

  • A Warlock’s Curse of Doom now properly summons a Doomguard

  • A Warlock’s Eye of Kilrogg now only has 1 health point

  • Pet Bar key bindings are no longer being reset when the pet is dismissed and re-summoned or when the player relogs

  • Calvin Montague will no longer reset if multiple players are fighting him during the quest “A Rogue’s Deal”

  • Silithid Swarms that spawn from Silithid Swarmers in the Barrens are now the appropriate level and deal correct damage

  • Ground Assaults no longer fail to launch in Alterac Valley

  • Fixed a myriad of issues with detail and ground clutter doodads spawning in incorrect areas or failing to spawn entirely

  • The power crystals throughout the Un’goro Crater zone now properly despawn after being looted

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Quest item container game objects to not despawn and to remain interactive indefinitely after being used

  • The Alliance quest “CLUCK” now works properly

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Enraged Panther to occasionally be unable to be attacked during the quest “Hypercapacitor Gizmo”

  • Some quest-related game objects had an inauthentic respawn time or cooldown on usage; this has been corrected

  • Fixed an issue that caused many unlockable footlockers to be uninteractive

  • Fixed an issue that caused all water to be missing from the Ironclad Cove area of The Deadmines

  • Windows and other glass surfaces in some interior spaces are no longer too bright

  • Advanced combat logging is now more consistent with Original WoW and no longer exposes some internal values

  • Fixed an issue that caused the red buttons in the Mekgineer Thmeraplugg encounter to remain depressed for too long

  • Resolved an issue caused by Activating MSAA 2x or higher on Macs using the Intel HD 515 display adapter

  • Shorelines are no longer clearly visible from a distance through fog while liquid detail is set to Good or Ultra settings

  • The top of Stormwind Keep, the Stockade, and several trees are no longer being incorrectly culled from view in Stormwind

  • Corrected several issues with a Hunter’s Eyes of the Beast when used while the Night Elf Shadowmeld racial ability is active

  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash when swapping back to default chat settings in the Chat settings menu

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to create both Horde and Alliance characters on the same PvP server

  • Relogging on the flight path passing by Ironforge no longer causes the Gryphon to path through the mountain when you resume your flight

  • Pressing “Request Stop” on a flight path will no longer occasionally teleport the player to their final destination

  • Players who are disconnected while on a flight path no longer occasionally log back in without a taxi and fall to their deaths

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain items to cause the player to drop the flag in Warsong Gulch

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain item effects to not function for players at the lowest required levels for the item

  • Items with randomly generated stats no longer display the <Random Enchantment> tag in the loot window and the chat tooltip

  • The Battle Map can no longer be opened outside of PvP Zones

  • Multiple texture seams on minimaps throughout Azeroth have been fixed

  • There is no longer a missing strip of water in the Mosshide Fen area of Wetlands

  • Fixed an issue that caused fog to not render properly inside of buildings and caves when viewed from outside

  • Fixed multiple issues with water planes on waterfalls and streams throughout Elwynn Forest

  • There are no longer extra or missing sections of water in Felwood at the Bloodvenom Falls and Bloodvenom River areas

  • Fixed several issues with the lighting in Alterac Valley

  • Creatures no longer fade out from view when zone boundaries are crossed

  • Swapping your ranged weapon no longer causes your melee weapon to be displayed in the right hand and the ranged weapon in the left hand

  • Queuing up Shoot with a wand during some 2-Handed Staff animations no longer causes the player character to repeatedly sheathe and unsheathe their staff

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Fishing Cast animation to not play while fishing

  • The Hunter is no longer stuck in the Kneel animation for several seconds after placing a trap

  • Fixed a graphical issue with Crossbow aim animations that caused additional crossbow bolts to appear

  • Fixed an issue that caused Night Elves to become permanently stuck in wisp form if logged out while dead

  • Switching targets during Auto Shot will no longer cause the LoadBow animation to stutter and become frozen temporarily

  • Fixed several issues with Stealth animations

  • Auto Shot’s floating combat text damage is no longer delayed when using a Crossbow

  • Multiple attacks from Windfury Weapon or Windfury Totem procs no longer incur individual melee animations

  • Fixed an issue that caused your player corpse to despawn when you log out as a ghost

  • A Hunter’s Feign Death now properly drops combat when used during a raid encounter

  • A Mage’s Ignite now continues to deal damage while its stacks are being refreshed

  • Battle Shout no longer generates less threat when affecting multiple targets

  • Auto Shot is no longer canceled after using another ranged ability such as Arcane Shot

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Warlock’s Spellstone to not correctly remove some magic debuffs

  • Fixed multiple issues that prevented a Priest from moving or acting when entering a Battleground while affected by Spirit of Redemption

  • The Hunter Beast Training UI no longer causes client framerate issues when attempting to train certain abilities

  • The buff tray is no longer capped at 8 buffs while using a temporary weapon buff

  • Debuffs such as Weakened Soul are now properly applied to Stealthed targets

  • A Warlock’s Imp will now move to attack a target that is out of Line of Sight

  • The Recently Dropped Flag debuff is no longer present in Warsong Gulch

  • Fixed an issue that caused Auto Shot to permanently become disabled when canceled by an enemy creature moving into the player’s dead zone

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to occasionally hard lock after killing an enemy with a Wand attack

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Hunter’s melee Auto Attack to fail to toggle on when using Raptor Strike on an enemy target

  • Spell pushback now properly affects the cast duration of channeled spells

  • Fixed an issue that caused Stoneskin Totem to grant its damage reduction permanently

  • Fixed an issue that caused Item eligibility granted from certain profession-related racial abilities to not persist through a relog

  • Ritual of Summoning can no longer be used within a dungeon to summon targets outside of the dungeon

  • Corrected an issue that caused Aimed Shot to not use the appropriate animation with a bow equipped

  • Fixed an issue that caused some spells in a school to not be placed on a global cooldown when that school is interrupted

  • Multi-Shot can no longer hit totems

  • Fixed an issue that caused Hunter and Warlock pets’ auto-cast abilities to not re-cast as quickly as they should

  • Using Feign Death while in a Battleground will now cause the Hunter to immediately drop combat

  • There is no longer a slight delay on Warlock pet auto-cast abilities

  • A Mage’s Blink now properly removes stun effects even when the Mage is silenced

  • Fixed an issue that caused abilities used on immune targets to incorrectly consume Combo Points, and to consume too much Energy and Rage

  • Corrected an issue that caused Seal of Righteousness to crash ptBR clients when learned

  • A Paladin’s Reckoning ability now properly stacks to 5 and no longer occasionally fails to grant extra attacks

  • Shoot is now cancelled immediately when players attempt to cast a spell

  • Casting spells such as Hunter’s Mark no longer causes the Hunter to sheathe their bow and begin to shoot arrows with their hands

  • Fixed an issue that caused Warrior’s Charge ability to become stuck on terrain and prevent the Warrior from moving while still stunning the target

  • Mouseover macros can no longer be used to perform actions on off-targets while maintaining Combo Points on the Rogue’s primary target

  • Fixed an issue that caused Rogue and Druid Combo Points to not properly be refunded when a finisher is dodged, parried, or misses

  • Shaman totems no longer take damage from some AoE sources

  • The Chilled effect from Improved Blizzard will now properly apply if the target moves out of Line of Sight of the caster

  • Resolved camera issues caused by two Priests attempting to use Mind Control on each other at the same time

  • There is no longer a grace period after a crowd control spell with a cast time lands where it will not be broken
    Note: Instant cast crowd control spells still do have a small grace period

  • The Infernal summoned by a Warlock’s Inferno spell will now properly attack nearby enemy players

  • Fixed an issue that caused Priest to permanently lose control of their characters when releasing spirit immediately prior to entering Spirit of Redemption form

  • Hunter’s Mark no longer stacks on a target if multiple Hunters with different ranks of Improved Hunter’s Mark use the ability on the same target

  • A Warlock’s Siphon Life damage ticks now properly break stealth effects

  • Shield Wall is no longer removed when the Warrior equips a two-handed weapon

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to maintain crowd control effects such as Fear on multiple creatures at once

  • The Warrior item Brutal Hauberk now properly gives 30 Rage

  • Judgement of the Crusader now properly increases the damage of Seal of Righteousness

  • Pet Happiness is now displayed in the combat log by default

  • Lay on Hands is now properly restoring 550 mana when used on the Paladin

  • Shields can now be equipped and remain equipped when the target is Disarmed

  • Taunt spells can no longer be cast on other players

  • Fixed an issue with Auto Shot and Throw tooltips displaying incorrect information

  • Accepting a resurrection after releasing no longer grants the resurrected player full health

  • Fixed an issue that caused Rage to not be refunded properly when a Warrior ability is dodged, parried, or misses

  • Fixed an issue causing Soul Shards to be incorrectly consumed when a Warlock attempts to create a Healthstone with full bags

  • The information revealed by Beast Lore is no longer missing creature armor and tamed abilities

  • Hunter pets no longer occasionally behave erratically after combat has ended

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player character to occasionally stop using Shoot with a Wand without Shoot being cancelled by other means

  • Feign Death now properly causes the Hunter to drop the flag in Warsong Gulch

  • The Aimed Shot tooltip no longer misrepresents a decreased cast time when the Hunter’s ranged attack speed increases

  • Fixed an issue causing Combo Points to incorrectly display on a Rogue or Druid’s primary target when generating Combo Points on a secondary target using a mouseover macro

  • The cooldown of Auto Shot is now always re-evaluated by the client when the player switches between a Bow and a Gun

  • Ranged attacks can now properly be blocked

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Breath bar to refill too quickly

  • Fixed an issue that caused your client to become unresponsive after speaking with a profession trainer

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from obtaining skins from high level creatures that they have skinned

  • Players are now prevented from fishing in zones that require a higher level Fishing skill than the character possesses

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Druid’s Track Humanoids ability to automatically activate after looting a corpse or attacking an enemy

  • Skinnable creatures that are above your skill level no longer appear as orange instead of red

  • Fixed a few issues that caused resource nodes on zone boundaries to bcome stuck in a tapped state indefinitely

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing materials from Enchanting recipes from being linked in chat channels using Shift+Click

  • Dying with the flag and releasing spirit immediately in Warsong Gulch no longer causes the flag to spawn at the graveyard

  • Players can now properly resurrect at their corpse while in a Battleground

  • Fixed an issue that caused the flag to incorrectly be returned to base when two players attempted to click a dropped flag simultaneously

  • The flag rooms in Warsong Gulch are now properly flagged as indoors, preventing players from using abilities such as Travel Form and Ghost Wolf

  • Priests can no longer cast Blessing of Protection when using Mind Control on a Paladin who is carrying the flag in Warsong Gulch

  • Corrected an issue where flag captures were awarding double honor in Warsong Gulch

  • Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor are now properly awarded at the end of a match

  • Honor ranks are now displayed on the scoreboard in Battlegrounds

  • The spell visual effect around the flags in Arathi Basin is no longer missing while players are in the process of capturing a flag

  • The Battleground minimap widget no longer persists after a player deserts a Battleground that is in-progress

  • The Honor tab of the Character Sheet is no longer displayed while the Honor System is not yet enabled

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player’s own Honor rank and progress bar to be shown when inspecting other players

  • Players can no longer become unflagged for PvP while inside an instance on a PvP Server

  • You are no longer required to manually flag yourself for PvP before beginning to attack hostile faction members in your territory

  • Zone name pop-ups should now indicate if they are hostile, contested, or friendly territory

  • Leaving hostile or contested territory no longer immediately unflags you for PvP

  • Fixed an issue that caused Lord Gregor Lescovar to not turn hostile for non-PvP targets during the quest “The Attack!”

  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple quests to generate Lua errors when tracked

  • The “Bodyguard for Hire” quest in Desolace can now properly be obtained

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the quest “The Master’s Glaive” from properly completing when entering the required sub-zone

  • Fixed an issue that caused Sarilus Foulborne to summon higher level creatures than intended for the quest “Mage Summoner”

  • Abandoning escort quests no longer causes the associated NPC to despawn

  • Fixed an issue that caused the quest “Torek’s Assault” to get stuck in a state where it could not be completed

  • Quest completion messages will now display appropriately for escort quests

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to see quest bangs for quests 5 levels or more below their current level

  • Fixed an issue that caused players from different realms to appear on the same Zeppelin or Boat transport

  • Missile sounds are now properly playing when using abilities such as Shadow Bolt and Fireball

  • Fixed an issue that caused the level up sound effect to not play if another nearby player had also leveled up recently

  • Fixed an issue that caused the bassy “swoosh” sound effect to not fire when swinging Two-Handed Weapons

  • Fixed an issue that caused bowstring and gun “click” sounds to not play when activating Auto Shot

  • The appropriate sound now plays when someone joins your group

  • Fixed multiple server performance issues associated with spell visuals

  • Fixed multiple issues with Blizzard that caused the spell effects to not display properly

  • There is no longer a large delay on Flare’s ground visual effect when used at max range

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Exorcism spell visual to not display correctly

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain types of thrown missile spells such as Rough Copper Bomb to not play their impact visuals

  • Fixed a crash caused by the elevator model leading into Gnomeregan

  • Item links can now be clicked from most chat windows

  • Spells placed on the action bar during a flight path are no longer removed from the UI after relogging

  • Ready Check markers no longer display on Main Tank/Main Assist target or target-of-target frames

  • The Release Spirit UI is now properly visible when players die while AFK

  • Messages sent to chat channels are no longer being aggressively throttled

  • Resolved multiple issues with the “stickiness” and feel of floating combat text, particularly when multiple critical strikes occur in a short time frame

  • Players can no longer dramatically increase the display distance of nameplates via console script

  • The Arathi Basin scoreboard now records the bonus honor granted for resource collection

  • Totems can now be targeted via macros

  • Right-clicking another player’s name in a chat channel no longer generates a Lua error

  • Mousing over a creature or player now highlights their model

  • Pet spell tooltips are no longer occasionally missing when viewing them in the Beast Training UI

  • Eye of Kilrogg and other summonable guardians no longer create a pet bar and pet frame on the player’s UI

  • Invite to Group and the right-click Invite context menu option are no longer present in the Friends menu for friends on a different realm

  • Global chat channels that the player has not yet joined are now properly displayed in chat settings

  • A player’s realm name is no longer displayed next to the player’s name when he or she joins a guild

  • Right-clicking a player’s name on the Battleground scoreboard no longer results in a Lua error

  • Hunters should no longer be able to drag basic pet commands off the pet action bar

  • Objects and NPCs that are tracked on the minimap no longer incorrectly display arrows to indicate if they are above or below the player

  • Fixed an issue causing Find Minerals and Find Herbs to display as a buff in the buff bar rather than an icon on the minimap

  • Shaman class color is now displaying correctly in raid frames

  • Players are no longer incorrectly able to mount in Booty Bay

  • Multiple game objects associated with quests are no longer interactive for players that are not on the associated quest

  • Fixed multiple issues causing players and NPCs to not display correctly when their HP and Mana was observed from across zone boundaries

  • The General and Local Defense chat channels are no longer missing from Westfall

  • Far Sight and Eagle Eye no longer fail if targeted at a location that is more than 100 yards from the player

  • The Auto Shot sound effect and animation no longer plays each time you change targets while Auto Shot is active

  • Commanding a pet to attack no longer immediately places the commanding player in combat

  • Raid frames are now brighter, making out-of-range indicators more clearly visible

  • Robes are now properly showing up in Auction House searches when filtering for Cloth Armor

  • Resolved an issue that was causing incorrect attack speed normalization values to be used for attack power bonus damage calculations

  • Right-clicking your character’s model in the Auction House dressing room no longer generates a Lua error

  • Fixed an issue that caused a loot window to trigger on allies when another nearby player loots corpses, which could interrupt flag captures in Battlegrounds


Ok. Second :wink:

Is this referring to Korrak? Or the bosses that help each faction?

[Numerous Hunter fixes]


This is awesome! So excited to play Classic!


RIP. I hate walking in BB. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate flying in Blackrock Mountain. I guess I win in both ways :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was previously blue commented to be a non-a-bug, wasn’t it?

I have seen some being too dark on the stress test, is that fixed too?

What about the ( and ) brackets? It should be “(Alliance territory)”, and on the stress test it was just “Alliance territory”.

Well, good job, Nostalrius.

Thanks for all your hard work, all the things I personally encountered on beta are on this list <3


Wanna try that again?


…I want to make a character named BassySwoosh now

“The are now shooting guns out of Error Cubes”

He was busy trying to decide if he should pull his character off Herod…

“It is now guaranteed 100% to happen”

“Can no longer be improperly blocked by holding up a gnome”

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YES!!! I’m so happy about this. I loved seeing the dead bodies of players named “Welcomemat” in front of auction houses or inns, “Mankrikswife” in front of mankrik lmao, or just seeing bodies of players that rage quit. Now all we need is the skeletons to go back to unlimited instead of being capped at 1 and I will never quit this game.

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OK so I have reported 2 bugs every time I have gotten in to test and they still haven’t been fixed. 1. Moonwell particle effects were floating up into the sky. they were meant to be at water level only.
2. Sheathing and UnSheathing a sword and shield on my warrior was not playing the sound effect for the action.

I am posting this here in hopes that they will finally be seen since they are relatively straight forward fixes.


Hey, some of these are bugs I submitted! I’ll take full credit for bringing those to your attention, of course. :wink:

Seriously though, thank you for the opportunity and I appreciate all the work the whole team has done to iron out the kinks before the game goes live. I’m particularly happy to see the Reckoning fixes as well, I spent a good hour testing that to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

I swear right clicking a target used to trigger a hunters autoshot, and a lot of accidental pulls in vanilla but maybe its been to many years and I slept since then.

Is there a way to report bugs on the forums?

In Vanilla, many animation transitions were smooth.

If you /sit on an undead, then /lie down, then /sit, /lie, /sit, /lie, you would transition smoothly which could make you look like doing situps!

On Classic, your character model quickly stands before each animation, making it look janky and not accurate to Vanilla.

Also a big loss for hardcore RPers :yum:

Warriors should lose shield wall when they take off their shield. If they don’t warrior PVP is going to be even more busted than it was.

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So, im not the only one who confused with this stroke: “Shield Wall is no longer removed when the Warrior equips a two-handed weapon”.
In Lich King, rogue can [ Dismantle] warrior off-hand (which is shield) and dispel [Shield Wall] by this way, because [Shield Wall] requare maintain shield. However i cannot test what gonna happens if warrior change weapon for 2H or just throw out shied from slot. Can we be sure this was a bug in classic or this is actually “feature”?

Is not fixed yet Blizzard, the bug still exists in the current live game.

Hunter pets are much more responsive about returning to the player’s side after switching to Passive mode. False