WoW Classic 1.13.6 PTR Patch Notes

Or you can git gud and play the game it’s supposed to be played? uwu warrior can’t win PvP without a DF crutch?


No lol

classic SAVED a ton of JOBS at actiblizz.

Wow was on life support and classic saved it. Anyone that can’t see that is a white knight low iq tard

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I also don’t care about Shadowlands. I am saying that if they didn’t have a delay from failing to meet their deadlines on that part of the game, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

All hail Hunters.
Attack Power Overlords.



“item based self heals will no longer be effected by equipment that provides bonuses to healing.“

Clearly working as intended considering that behavior was deliberately patched out during 1.7. What these latest “bug fixes” show is how selective Blizzard is with their adherence to this “no changes” nonsense.

What about the teleport / fly hack that is massssively being used to exploit by bots??

It’s not the same game.

Sounds like Diamond Flask, must be diamond flask. Are warriors drinking cool aid? Diamond Flask fits the exact definition of a bug fixed in TBC only 2 months in with a HOTFIX. Blizzard has backtracked many times on classic so there is no reason whatsoever not to fix this blatant abuse especially after gutting the runeblade. Blizzard nerfed the ectoplasm thing that generated threat because it went against how they perceived the game should be played.

So tell me, should warriors trivialize boss mechanics in Naxx no less to keep something that already pisses off the people healing them when it comes to loot?


What about Juju Flurry? That follows a similar pattern of an identified bug in classic that wasn’t fixed until future xpacs.


So far it seems Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Fengus Ferocity and Juju Mights have this change.

Blessing of Might and Battle Shout are still only giving melee AP although their tooltip specifically mentions melee AP, so I guess its intended these did not get changed?

Though it’s odd that Trueshot Aura gives both melee and ranged while the above two skills don’t.

You mind… uhh, throwing a fix in there for AV so that it’s not a miserable experience for everyone involved?

Horde don’t like their two hour queues, and Alliance don’t like being crapped on because of the map imbalance, which results in Alliance not wanting to play AV outside of the rep grind, which goes back around and impacts Horde’s queue times because there aren’t enough Ally queuing to fight them because Alliance players never go back after they get exalted… Horde queue times are only gonna get longer as time goes on and less and less Alliance are signing up for AV, eventually the BG will be dead… There’s a reason [redacted] servers didn’t use this version of the map.


Yo, wanna hand someone Corrupted Ashbringer so we can test:

  • If all of the scripts are working as intended
  • If the lifesteal scales with spellpower


They haven’t made any of the lifestealing that scaled in vanilla on weapons from previous tiers work in classic. I suspect this is a design choice of classic.

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Shame: I’ve heard it used to scale.

Seems #NoChanges only applies when it means keeping non-Holy paladins down.

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It’s only when it assists horde. Horde bias is real. THE AV changes are a good example. Oh alliance has a 50% win rate, better make sure they can’t queue on the imbalanced map as a group.

But for real none of the AQ40 weapons with lifesteal are scaling and they did in vanilla. Blizzard hasn’t said anything about it that I’ve seen.

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Not going to happen. This has already been addressed.

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testing for wcl

every other weapon with lifedrain proc from previous tiers benefits from spell power
-Ancient Hakkari Manslayer

Neretzek, The Blood Drinker, is currently bugged not getting sp bonus, while it should,

you can watch an old vanilla video here in my bug report about it
Neretzek, The Blood Drinker spell power scaling

Well, I certainly hope CA continues the previous tier trends then.

It’s likely I’ll never see the weapon drop, but knowing it scales with SP means some lucky Paladin will get the most out of it.

IKR. I mean horde lose occasionally, surely they’d fix this bug so horde win 100%?

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