WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List - Updated Dec 3, 2020


“Offhand attacks that occur while on-next-hit abilities such as Heroic Strike are queued do not suffer the dual wield to-hit penalty.”

This is absolutely unequivocally ridicules…some people have been waiting for years for classic to come out and its an outrage that this is Not a BUG…I don’t think the current Blizzard developers truly even realize how the game works or how easy it makes the game for Tanks and Warriors to out dps every single other class. This bug is SO game breaking that it honestly makes almost every single other class USELESS in raid or IMPOSSIBLE to even compete against warriors…Why is Blizzard on a hellbent conquest to makes the game so god damn easy and overpowered for Warriors? Don’t you realize with this one bug it pretty much makes it POINTLESS to roll any other class besides Warrior…Why would you make it that a class’s offhand weapon is automatically HIT CAPPED IN GREENS??? WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO ACTUALLY PERFORM THE SKILL / HEROIC STRIKE / CLEAVE…don’t you realize all they have to do is just cancel the que and they will still benefit from the off…this is ABSOLUTELY UNJUST & UNFAIR to all other classes…HOW COME MY SINISTER STRIKES DON’T ALLOW MY OFFHAND TO BE HIT CAPPED?!? Don’t you think you already nerfed rogues enough with weapon normalization??? Obviously that hurts us 10x more then warriors for raid dps…

Really…really consider making it a bug…why do you think it was brought to you as a BUG?..BECAUSE ITS INCREDIBLY OVERPOWERED AND RIDICULOUS…



I sincerely believe there is no dev at Blizzard now who knows how the game originally worked. They have no idea at all how the classes were supposed to function.

All one need do to confirm this is to look at retail classes: homogenized, oversimplified, removing base abilities and giving them back as “talents” – They took those glorious class builds from MoP and turned it into what it is now, because they haven’t a clue how to manage the complexities of the original math/mechanics.

They are clueless and can only be guided by the notes left by the original dev team. Apparently, these are not complete and Blizzard’s present Classic team are at least giving it a try.

It might be helpful to them to make a separate thread specifically laying out how it is now and how it was then.

They mistakenly think this is not a bug. However, since it clearly did not work this way in Vanilla, it is a bug or a completely unwarranted change. It is possible this is some crapcode from Legion… shrugs

But lay off the caps and the rage. It’s frustrating but they won’t even hear you if you rant.


This definitely isn’t true, since I will just resist/miss all day on high lvl players. It’s not impossible to land on them, just reduced.

This was a thing in actual vanilla as well.

Is there a way to request for the interactions with Infernals to be re-verified? Given the threads created, I’m not the only person who remembers - contrary to the post - that Infernals would aggro on players regardless of whether they’re flagged. This is how Warlocks were able to cause their Infernals to attack low-level players in places like the Auction House, starting areas, etc. It makes the world feel a little less dangerous knowing that there’s no possibility of random instances of Warlocks raiding a town occurring.


I definitely think this needs to be addressed. As more people find out about this, it’ll become a severe problem.




That’s because 1.12 didn’t have this stupid layering AKA artificial lag

They we’re retained for the whole duration of vanilla, nobody ever called them ‘‘game-breaking’’ since it was implemented that way to begin with.

The abuse of the infinite stack of recknoning was indeed fixed the next day to make it a 4 stacks maximum, but the ability to still ‘‘sit’’ and get a crit stack wasn’t changed.

Blizzard was fully aware of the ‘‘reckbomb’’ spec ever since the first paladin tried it out. It wasn’t the only ‘‘broken’’ thing back then that made it to the end of vanilla and is still in classic, but removed or changed in the Burning crusade for being ‘‘too powerful’’.

The ability to get stun locked by a rogue with the right spec, being CCd for more then a minute and possibly longer if the player is good enough.

Hunters being able to kite, with or without help, any World bosses to a major city, making it impossible for players to even enter said city. This wasn’t ‘‘fixed’’ until late wrath of lich king, but GMs had to do an intervention to make the boss disappear. When it was fixed though, they said ‘‘ohh well, this wasn’t really intended to be possible, but we didn’t do anything about it until now’’.

I could probably fill another chapter with ‘‘game-breaking’’ mechanics that made the cut until BC came out, but I don’t even care anymore, so many things aren’t vanilla right now in classic, so I am treating it as a new game.

My point is, I can understand why people don’t like the fact that prot paladin could one shot you if you didn’t pay attention, but changing a whole mechanic and telling us that it wasn’t like that 15 years ago is why am angry.

They should have just said ‘‘Yeah, we don’t like the fact that paladin can get stacks by sitting down, so we are changing it’’ . That way people would have known and made more advised decisions, this tread would not even be around.

On that note, am sorry if I sound like a rude 12years old, English isn’t my native language. If I offended you I apologize, I was just trying to tell and defend my own opinions, am not saying yours is wrong either.
I understand that it might have been a bug or unintended, but like I said above, its wasn’t fixed until BC…

I’m going to have to test this, as the last time I was in a PvP zone trying to use an infernal it DID damage low levels with the 30 damage aura, but it did not aggro to them, though this is likely due to NPCs. I’m gonna see if it will actually aggro to them now as PvP flagged targets. If any make the mistake of attacking it, though, it does definitely smack them.

Confirmed viable, though not in uncontested zones. The infernal DID go and execute everyone in the Tarren Mill inn.
Edit: It did not patrol at all, and only attacked a single NPC that started attacking it, even though all of the NPCs were flagged as well. I don’t know if this is intentional or not.

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This is a bug, the infernal was used to cause havoc in vanilla.


But Battle of Darrowshire is a bug… please fix

Fight the good fight brother

Blizzard: not a bug
Reality: is actually a major bug

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This hasn’t been addressed yet by blizzard but we could really use a answer after a long time of waiting, hunters viper stings are not stacking on targets like our other stings.


I’ve just made a minor update to the list above with the following additions:

  • Some monsters have a “Thrash” mechanic and can proc multiple attacks against players in a very short duration.
    • Note: Most of these monsters can also “store” these procs and unleash them all several seconds later. An example of this is the Princess Theradras encounter in Maraudon. The Princess will store her attacks if kited and can land several attacks instantly when she catches up to her target. This behavior is consistent with the reference client
  • Righteous Fury grants additional threat on all holy abilities, not just attacks.
  • Sharpening stones have “hidden” level requirements and higher level stones cannot be used on lower level weapons.

Thank you!


The prot pally dream is alive!


can i ask why charge stun is on the same dr as cheap shot? i was under the impression cheap shot was on it’s own separate dr from everything else

Well, there it is.

So technically, I can just spam heals on myself and keep aggro with the 70% pushback resistance talent and concentration aura?


Funny, I thought it was charge that was on a separate DR? Either way that behavior changed several times not only over the life of WoW, but over the life of Vanilla specifically. Wouldn’t be surprised if the DR was shared in 1.12.