WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List - Updated Dec 3, 2020

can you please fix spells summon infernal , ritual of doom and enslave demon spells???

Thanks a lot

i try anything like pet follow when i use feign but if someone keep attack u in 3 yards, can not leave combat and put trip.

Rogue companion pets do not stealth.

It’s not the dead zone it’s the fact that the literal distance of all ranged abilities is off by a lot. Which is being mistaken for “deadZone” but it does make the deadZone bigger in that regard. You can’t even attack enemies in the same room as your hunter if your in stockades for instance, you have to wait in the hallway and shoot from the door and same with deadmines and SM. You can test it in a duel with a hunter and his pet, set the pet on stay and keep distanceing yourself from the pet further and further till it won’t reach, maximum is 10 yards it will chain. You won’t be able to auto shot from that distance. Which should be possible as the minimum is 8

Why is nothing mentioned about Reckoning? It’s does absolutely nothing.

Also wanted to add do not loot when any of your party member are dead they wont be able to roll on loot which will cause it to be locked to instance. Had a decent selling blue boe drop which none of my party members got. This will happen often in higher lvl dungeons and possibly raids its hard not to loot since were looting most often but u will cause any good drop to be lost for your party by looting.

NPCs which offer multiple quests may inconsistently display them as a dot or a “!” on the available quests list. They were inconsistent in 1.12, and we’ve reproduced the exact inconsistency they had back then.


So are lvl 52’s being able to sneak into MC and getting carried a bug or not?

Are you guys ever going to publically state if the beast not dropping items is a bug or not? It can’t possibly be reasonable to assume when I kill 10 lions that I only get loot from 2/10 lions no joke… that is obnoxious

Sometimes mobs drop no loot. It shows a lootable corpse, that holds no loot. It has always happened.

Mob loot is spawned on mob creation/spawn. Sometimes that roll means ‘rolled nothing’


Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Am sorry, but I’ve been playing paladin for the better part of 15 years, there’s also a nice little video that you guys would like to forget about a paladin ‘‘sitting down’’ for 6 hours getting crit/reck stack before the nerf and one shooting Kazzak. In Vanilla!.. So don’t try to sell me that ‘‘reck dosen’t proc when you sit crap’’, it should. The only spec that the paladin had to take a small tiny freaking bit of advantage over certain situation is now gone…

Am not even talking about the other stuff that wasn’t in vanilla that you guys added anyway.

exemple 1. Auto loot without having to hold shift.

exemple 2. Auto loot of the mailbox.

exemple 3. Greatly reduced prices for the flying paths.

I could go on for another whole chapter, but don’t try to hide your mistakes and saying its because of the private servers, I’ve never played on any of those.

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I’ve just made an update to the original post with the following additions:

  • Offhand attacks that occur while on-next-hit abilities such as Heroic Strike are queued do not suffer the dual wield to-hit penalty.
  • Eternal Quintessence is not yet available to players and will arrive in a future phase.
  • Stuns from procs such as Improved Revenge and Improved Concussive Shot do not diminish and are not diminished by Controlled Stun abilities such as Hammer of Justice and Kidney Shot.
  • Various Plans and Recipes from the Thorium Brotherhood are not available until later phases.
  • Practice Dummies in the Undercity cannot be attacked. There are no “Training Dummies” in WoW Classic.
  • Overpower procs will be lost if the Warrior changes targets away from the target that dodged.
  • The Eye of Shadow has a higher drop rate than many players expect.
    • Note: This was changed late in Original WoW to have a much higher drop rate.
  • The objective of the quest “Touch of Zanzil” will fail if the player is not targeting Doc Mixilpizil when they /lay command is used.
  • A summoned Infernal that is no longer under the control of the Warlock will only affect PvP flagged targets and targets that are on its threat table and will quickly despawn when no viable targets are available.

And they hotfixed the Reckoning bomb shortly after, by adding a stack cap. Likely at the same time they made the /sit thing not work.

What about wand attacks (SHOOT in the spellbook) suffering from pushback when you’re getting attacked.

Currently you DO suffer pushback while wanding.


The /sit thing was an unintended interaction/bug.

Being able create a macro that reduced your swing timer to 0 for auto attacks and get automatic crits on every strike was not intended. You can’t mean to say that the game-breaking bugs like that should have been retained right?

So this isnt a bug and is working as intended? Thats massive.

Why is charge stun suffering a DR?

Fair enough. What about when a ww gets dodged (3 targets) and you move from target 1 to 2 and lose the ability to op (the one that dodged) target 3. You have one chance to target the correct mob - that is the bug.


Level penalty is not working in PvP. Now matter how big the level difference all your spells/attacks will land on higher level players.

Rich thorium veins give 2 hits and Small thorium veins give 1 hit.

Buying multiple items from a vendor with multiple clicks has a terrible delay/lag.

Mob aggro when not in combat. Lets say I am drinking and eating on a character. If someone runs by me with mobs aggroed, when they drop combat or die the mobs will all aggro to me and come attack me even though I am just sitting down drinking. The mobs do not reset to their original position.

I know you guys also say leeway is correct but its just not. Watch this video around the 11:20 mark and see how close he gets to the mobs without being touched Now lets check out this video from classic where the mage dies being no where near the mobs


But not the hutner one cause …forget you hunters…*waits for everyone to go but its on the world boss. )

also hunter pet aggro is tranfurred to the hunter when leashing.

Are you the ?? mage I killed yesterday?

It’s not broken bro it’s a talent called SUPPRESSION

Bam DoT DoT DoT… DoT… DEAD

Could you please update the Known Issues thread as well? I feel reported bugs are falling into a black hole at this point.

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