WoW Class Subscription refunds

But the game is playable, just not on the server you desire.


had an hour queue on day one
half hour day 2
none since

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Had a half an hour on Old Blanchy on day 1, but no wait since then. Got lucky i guess.

Except this is on you. I’m sorry that the server you want to play on has a heavy queue, I really am! But if we’re speaking on terms of being able to just play the game, you easily can do that, just not on your server choice, as unfortunate as that is.


Unfortunately we probably agreed to something to this affect by clicking “Yessir” when we re-subbed.

Otherwise, IMO, if 15 bucks is breaking your bank 15 years later; you might/could/should have ulterior issues that need addressing before you put the needle back in.

Just sayin. Sry and GL.


The good news is that if you’ve chosen a server that full or over-populated, you’ll likely have the option to move to a less populated server for free soon.


Since the servers themselves have been stable and up I highly doubt there will be any compensation for queue times.

In the past compensation has only been given when the game as a whole was unplayable for days at a time. Certain realms being essentially unplayable due to their queue times is not the same thing.

We do. We essentially agree to pay for access to the servers and that they will be up as often as possible. We are not guaranteed access to any particular server though.

I just got home from work (7:30PM EST) and logged right in with no queue whatsoever to the same server I’ve been playing since night 1.

Why should you get a refund for insisting on playing on a server that has a queue when you can play on a server that doesn’t?


Atiesh hasn’t had que times since last Tuesday and it’s been glorious


FREE transfers are being made available in the next day or two. I suppose you won’t take them up on the offer and just sit on your same server hoping everyone else leaves…

Good to know! I still have character names over there and may play there eventually. I’m in an EST zone, but I tend to stay up late so may find more folks to group with in a Pacific time zone. I like having both options. :slight_smile:

50 gold says whitemane and herod stay over populated because players expect everyone else to leave so they can play


I play on a realm that has a queue time and these threads are ridiculous.

I know what I got myself into, so do you. WE were offered options and urged to migrate to less populated realms. If you didn’t or refused to listen to warnings or advice, the onus is on you.


If only Blizzard had warned us in advance which servers were over capacity… :wink:


I have legitimately never understood people who gripe about sub costs and resubbing after queues have died down. It’s 50 cents a day, it’s seems really arbitrary to fight over a week or two of issues. I guess principal of the matter or whatever.

Ultimately and to my knowledge Blizzard doesn’t refund over queue times like this. If it’s bad enough they will gift gametime to players, but that’s about it.

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Working fine for me. Sounds like people didn’t pay attention to FULL pop servers even leading up to the days of launch.


This has been my experience with Atiesh as well. I didn’t know my husband reserved my favorite name for me and suddenly around 10pm I decided I wanted to re-up my account and by 11pm I was playing. The day after that I had ~45 minute queue around prime time hours but I’ve not run into a queue again since.

Most of the other players have been great. A few that you, well, you just add them to ignore list, but otherwise a pretty good time on the alliance side. I also rolled a Tauren that I’ll probably get into since I never played Horde during vanilla and would like to see their side of things.

I hope you like chuck Norris jokes because that’s all you’re getting for 12 levels while you’re in the barrens

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While you are correct you’re not seeing more support in this thread because you haven’t done a good job of explaining exactly WHY you are correct.

Anyone saying queues are on you and not Blizzard is completely full of it and just looking for any little chance to get one up on some random person on the forums, but they’re embarrassingly wrong like the first comment from Bovini.

Blizzard announced the servers would have queues before the launch, and said certain servers would not have queues and to go to those servers. Fair.

The thing is, when people went to the servers Blizzard said would not have queues they discovered there was in fact queues and they were just as long as the servers they were told to transfer from. You can’t progress a character in this game at all if you constantly have to delete him and make a new one on a new server based on what has queues.

This is 100% Blizzard’s fault and everyone DOES deserve a refunded game time.

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I believe I have a thick enough hide to survive that.