Wow Armory Boss Kill Not Updating


We killed the boss last night and we can see the gear that we received and the achievement however the boss kill did not update. Suggestions?

Armory Progression Bug

Yeah, same problem.


It’s not updating anything with M+ or Raiding on my end either.


YeP it’s been happening since Tuesday after the patch.

Especially mythic + dungeons not updating. My new raiding kills not updating either :confused:


Really sucks cause I just server transferred so I don’t have my IO and its hard to persuade people into letting me join high keys…


I just checked and they either fixed it or something. But we will never know as Blizzard never informed us about fixes that they make. Its never broken according to them.


Our guild has this problem too. We cleared the new raid on normal but it only shows us with the second boss killed.


I noticed the same thing. On April 23, 2019, I killed both bosses in Crucible of Storms and it even shows up on my achievement and under raid history as defeating both bosses. However, the armory is only showing I killed the second boss Uu’nat


same problem on my character Caliente-feathermoon cleared COS on Monday yet shows 1 of 2 killed

(Ciri) #10

i randomly got a normal Restless Cabal kill on my armory when i never even did the normal raid. Armory has always been buggy, its been years and they still havent fixed Dragon Soul(LFR) and Ulduar raid progression not being updated on armory.

(Leens) #11

The armory is very buggy. Is like RNG of when it wants to work. Mine is bugged now it seems on my druid after the maintenance this morning lol

(Maizou) #12

Normal Cabal seems bugged. Normal Uu’nat updated fine for me.


Same for me with Crucible of Storms. Killed Cabal once and Uu’nat 2x. Armory only reflects the 2 Uu’nat kills and not the Cabal. Been like this for over a week now. There needs to be some sort of sync/re-sync done between the game and armory profiles.


Same here. Cleared Crucible of Storms on Saturday on my priest and armory is only showing the Uu’nat kill. Ticket response sent me here to post, figured I would just add to this already established thread. Can we have an update on this please?

(Leens) #15

Looks like it is broken again. The mythic + seasons don’t even show up now on my Mage and my druid lol Says i haven’t done any at all for season 2.


Yep, killed both bosses in crucible twice now on normal and armory still doesn’t show first boss for any of our guildies. Yet we have the guild achievement for clearing the raid. Very weird. haha.


I’m having the same issue with CoS boss kills not updating, specifically first boss on normal on two of my toons despite having the achievement. This is also happening for others in the guild.


Same issue.

Only second boss is recorded in CoS.

Would be nice if this was fixed since Raider dot io relies on that data to maintain accurate profiles.