WoW 144hz 1440p specs?

My current PC

Sapphire RX 580 8GB
Ryzen 2600 (Stock)
32GB Corsair 3000mhz Ram
Windows 10.

What would you suggest i upgrade 144fps (or close too) in WoW?

Cpu -> 3600 (Assuming you have a b450 or better chipset)
GPU -> 5700/5700xt or Nvidia Equivalent.

What are you achieving now to be wanting more? I am assuming you sit between 60-100+ fps most of the time.
If your expectation is to have it all the time, then expect to be disappointed.

i can get around 60-100 fps on ultra (everything max) in 1080p, except in Boralus and a few other populated areas. But since i want to upgrade to 1440p, figured the RX 580 would need an upgrade.

For WoW, upgrading to the hardware I mentioned in the previous post will net you some increase in performance, but not the $300+ worth of performance.

To keep it simple, its just the nature of how WoW utilizes your hardware.

If you are going to play other games, especially the more modern games, then yes upgrading will net you a fair amount of performance when going up to 1440p.

Just my opinion, but you should go back and tweak your settings. WoW is one of those games where you have to fine tune your settings. Some settings will devour your hardware awhile giving you almost nothing in eye candy.