Would you recommend this game to a friend?

I’m just curious to hear from folks that have played since before wod, would you suggest this as a fun game to your friends?

I have real life family and friends, we used to play together, and when they ask me about the new xpac I can’t lie even though it would be fun to play with people I know again, I can’t honestly recommend this game especially those that played when there where 12 millions playing and the team that created that kind of content.

Just curious. I play out of habit and being gimped up I have a lot of time to waste but for my real friends and family I won’t lie to them about my opinion of the lousy state of the game and the time played metric manipulation that is the paramount design factor.


my friends do not like this type of game


If the game isn’t good enough for you to recommend to other players then it’s obviously bad enough to not keep playing. I’d love to know why anyone would continue to waste their time, money, energy, and effort on a bad game.


I recently suggested to a friend we could sub WoW and make new characdters and just dungeon grind for fun to level 120…but thats about all I would do in WoW.


I said why in my opening statement: I am gimped up, I have physical ailments that keep me chair bound for hours at a time. I also played when the team of devs really only wanted to be ‘games made by gamers for gamers’ and now it is something I do out of habit and ease.


In its current state nope…
I’ll have to play SL to see if I could recommend it…


Depends to many factors…

  1. Does one friends like end game progression?

  2. Does one friends like to role-play?

3… do one friends like player housing?


Generally no.

Not because of the state of the game in particular, but just because most of the people I know who’d be interested in WoW have already played it in the past or currently play it.

The only ones who don’t play WoW are those who’d never be interested in it the first place, or deliberately avoid playing it.


All I got from the op was that he ducking hates the game but has a lot of time to kill…

Dude play another game if you hate it that much.

If you hate it why is this even a question, don’t recommend it.

I would and I have because I don’t get bored with this game and I love it, even if I don’t agree with certain paths taken by the devs.

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I just asked a simple question I guess you must be pretty bored with the game to to spend time commenting on comments. LOL


I am hoping to return to recommending WoW when SL launches. BfA opened with RNG-at-all-costs and 99% of my guild left the game. I rebuilt, but those who left were right, it wasn’t as fun as prior xpacs.

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Yeah, that must be it, like asking for opinions on game you hate…

Yes, just because I don’t have many friends who play this game :frowning:

Did I use the word hate? Nope, The thing about good communication is reading what it says and not just listening to what your mind’s opinion is shouting at you.


My friends are in a somewhat gray position with this game.

They like the game and want to participate in raids, but at the same time they don’t want to play tied to a schedule.

Right now they are just playing LoL.


I went through that, I burned out on raiding as a job, I also burned out on the loot drama. Playing with strangers or worse a small cadre of folks who were just out to take advantage of the raid.

That’s why playing with real life friends and family was so much fun for me.

I’ve been trying to get a friend to play. But she’s not into video games at all. :frowning:

If they were interested in playing the game of course I would recommend it.

Nope. And if I did I’d tell them to get to max level and quit playing, or start another alt.

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