Would you recommend Spriest

Going to main a caster in season 4. It’sbetween Spriest, mage, and ele shaman. Would you all recommend Spriest? I mainly m+ and PvP, and find myself pugging a lot.

I can’t speak to PvP, but for M+ purposes, especially if you’re pugging, mage is the much safer bet. All three are solid damage wise, but mage is going to bring the most unique utility: timewarp, int, food, etc. That, and it doesn’t have to compete with a potential healer of the same class (meaning a group with a resto shaman is going to be less interested in also having an ele priest, and same for disc/holy with shadow).

That said, none of them are in a bad spot, so ultimately, pick your preference!

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Anyone with PvP thoughts?

Is disc decent in PvP if shadow isn’t?

I see lots of disc do the penance build. It’s decent with specific specs for arena and fun in battlegrounds. Tons of info. on yt, etc.

Holy just got hit with many pvp nerfs for season 4, but I’m pretty sure it’s still better than disc. overall except in rbgs/bgs.

If you go shadow expect melee to stick to you whether it’s arena or battlegrounds cause you’re slow as hell and take the void volley pvp talent at the very least to keep them off you.

Hope you have fun with whatever you pick.

Yeah I would suggest it.

I would just add that priest is very gear dependant in pvp because of our lack of mobility for instance.But once you have gear it’s very satisfying! I also think MC is one of the funniest skills in the game, esp in pvp. :wink:

M+, no. Arena, absolutely

Leveling a priest right now. He’s 51. And shadow hits like a wet noodle compared to any Melee.
The build time it takes to start dealing any damage is worse than an affliction lock.
Its not worth it. Go Windwalker.
Or if you want a caster, fire mage.


Shadow actually does some of the highest burst when played right [correct talents].

Id choose lock though since aff locks insane and id choose ele over mage just because mage has 1 comp and RMP gets destroyed by alot of things unless you play like gods

Spriest is very strong right now, but also gear dependent. Like others have mentioned, it takes a little bit to get your damage up, but once you start pumping it’s very satisfying. Spriest also brings a decent amount of utility into arena and BG’s. I played Spriest on S1 and just came back. Still enjoying it for PvP but I can’t really speak much on the PvE side. I definitely heard Spriest is pretty bad in mythic +

Only if I REALLY hated them.

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In pvp, if you are geared and know your rotation you can take down anyone. The single target burst is pretty crazy.