Would you recommend ele

Planning to main a caster this season. Either Spriest, mage, or ele shaman. Would you all recommend ele out of those? I mainly m+ and PvP.

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Love my Ele. Having a blast in pvp but be forewarned we have very few defensives so you have to plan ahead.

Would not recommend ele in pvp.


Guessing it’s relatively easy to switch resto for PvP if I so chose…

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From the pvp ive done today resto seems very powerful


It is soooo much fun in PVP with max mastery. Meatballs everywhere!

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been playing mage and ele season 3 and both are a lot of fun rn. lfg might be a bit rough with ele but if you have decent ppl to play with its probably one of my fav casters ive played since wotlk

My only complaint is our limited defensive toolkit. I love shooting lava and lightning everywhere.

ele pvp is so crazy fun until 1 meleeboi sits on me

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I’m a resto druid and ele teams give my melee bois a lot of trouble. I pop out and 5 meatballs hit me with an earth shock and I’m at 30%. It’s pretty crazy.

The ele doubled my DK’s damage, and my DK PUMPS.

There really does seem to be a discrepency between skill of ele’s. ELe’s not comfortable with melee mongo tend to get wrecked, and some ele’s seem unstoppable.

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Your dk is garbage and your targetting the wrong target if the ele is free casting

Do you know either of their partners? No? Maybe his Ele and DK are both great players and you’re just bad?

no it doesnt matter where you are on the ladder a dk shouldnt get out damaged by ele, like from the absolutely tip top Zeepeye, blizzcon winning elemental shaman, is still gonna get dunked on by dk in straight damage

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This isnt true but continue.

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it is… but ya know /shrug

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Maybe when you’re piloting the spec, sure.

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Two instances where the Ele dmg was around 1.3M by end of game and my Duelist DK was at 780k.

And he was sitting the ele. Definitely some cross-cleave with flame shock but that’s about it

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That’s why I keep static field totem at all times. Catch them in the field, hit flame shock, capacitor totem on them then unleash meatballs. Stop them with Lightning lasso to gain distance, then more meatballs.

Static field is great for that warrior spiny move thing they have.

Agreed. I’ve finally gotten my play style down to something that works for me. Took a while but think I’m cranking now.

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was your dk being kited or cc’d during abomb limb ? it shouldnt be like that.