Would you play modern again?

(Gorwarth) #82

New Thrall model has me tempted.


7.3.2 - 7.3.5 were some of the best times I’ve had in WoW. I’m not an elitist, and a fun game is a fun game. Whether Vanilla or TBC or Legion…

If it gets fun again, I’ll be around. That’s a big if though…


There are too many gameplay mechanics that would have to change for me to play on a “pristine server”, and almost none of those would be changed.

Class design and more than two raid difficulties are the two chief ones.

(Ashborn) #85

This. Modern WoW is trash because the entire game is a never-ending micro stat grind. Every piece of gear you ever loot will be replaced in a 3 week period. You don’t really need teamwork to get this gear, just auto que with strangers. It’s like a terrible single player game.

Classic WoW works because epic gear is a big deal and everything requires social communication and teamwork. Helping your guild gear up helps you because those same 39 people will be in your raid on Tuesday. Helping your buddy in WSG helps you because as he ranks up he is with you on that ladder instead of some other guy in competition with you pushing your rank down. Everything you do with your friends also benefits you in the long run, if you’re loyal to your guild.

Also PvP is much better in classic from a twitch perspective. No cheesy immunity, 1 iceblock and paladin bubbles, that’s it, everything else is positioning, los, cc, and focus fire. TTK was 1/3 what it is now and direct healing required skill and footwork. Druid regen spam in bear form is laughably stupid compared to classic pvp healing which actually took positioning and timing. Warriors used to be able to kill rogues, rogues used to be able to kill mages, mages used to be able to kill everybody. Now every class is the same with the same cheese d*** nonsense. Arenas and cheese mechanics ruined pvp. Class revamps ruined pvp. Resilience ruined pvp until stats were so inflated removing it didn’t repair the damage. Classic pvp was much faster paced and more fun back in the day. There is really no comparison.

I can’t f***ing wait for classic to return.

(Aethryl) #86

I’d love to play modern once more if they any of these things:

  • make classes all feel unique again with tons of niche abilities like in MoP.
  • bring back danger to the world. Make unique loot and resources/professions that matter
  • redo Azeroth all over again for level capped character
  • make PvP and Battlegrounds not suck, give us something epic like old AV (Ashran missed the point) and stop making boring flag capture maps and Arenas.
  • High Elves



“pristine” servers without cross realms or not.

Retail is terrible… and lets face it… it’s been bad since WOD. The only bonus of warlords was it was a decent PvP expansion that wasnt absolutely bulldozed by people who really dont want PvP.

I personally think thats been a drive in a number of decisions regarding class changes and legions terrible decision of “normalized” pvp stats… and continuing further into BFA and the change they made of making all their servers PvE with opt in PvP. Like they didnt already know that faction balancing would give alliance the huge edge with +30% bonus the entire time by looking at realm statistics. I mean… All they had to do was pull up realm populations and go “oh… actually… thats a bad idea.” but… NOOOOOOO nobody thought of it they just went “oh no, nobody is doing the PvP choice. well lets give the lowest faction a bonus… OSNAP” when they could have just well enough alone and it would have been fine -as it has been for the previous 14 years of warcraft damnitall-

They just need to give us our 1.12 classic and then back off into the shadows to continue to blow smoke at the retail crowd…

Only reason i will ever play modern -AGAIN- will be for Lore and Old God purposes.

The storytelling is still STELLARLY on point. even if the gameplay has declined greatly since 3.3


That’s actually one of the best parts of Classic for me, the lore reset. If you really think about it the overall quality of the story has done nothing but backslide with each expansion, with Wrath being the outlier (despite introduced a lot of community killing features the world did the lore quite well). I’ve always wanted to RP like a lore nerd, but the current story I have no interest in discussing with anyone, it’s too dark for this game and too predictable for anyone looking for actual storytelling. I liked it better when they went out of their way that neither faction was evil, just different, yet two entire expansions running have had an explicitly evil warchief doing explicitly evil things while the alliance sits there and sucks it up. It’s not compelling and I think it contributed to the death of serious RP.

(Jarcola) #89

Class balance in low levels have been horrible since those 2.
Overall game play was bulldozed in those WOD was just a biproduct of their balancing of mop.

(Livinshadow) #90

I would maybe, but it wouldn’t be what I envisioned so I’d quit.
It would probably have warmode in it which is something I don’t like, I prefer pvp realm with no hiding and no paid services or connection to any other realms.

Class balance is probably the worst thing I hate about modern. Wotlk were getting somewhere but started to look abominable when they started changing stuff around for pve raid stuff.


Honestly, MOP wasnt as terrible as Cata/WOD/Legion/BFA. MOP was probably the highest point of play since Wrath ended

(Savax) #92

Anyone who says Bfa is worse than WoD, never played WoD. There was literally nothing to do after the first month. Literally nothing.

Blizzard even threw in the towel and gave us one measly content patch in 6.2 and never looked back.


i didnt ever really do PVE in WoD - I just PvP’d my happy little behind off. But yeah. As a PvE standpoint WOD was pretty bunk

(Hothwompa) #94

There was a few parts of bfa I enjoyed, I really enjoyed legion especially suramar. But after wrath cata was just so out of place, mop was somthing they pulled out of obscurity, and wod was the expansion that shall not be named.

The common theme after wrath was the drastic narrowing of player choice with how you can play your character. There was a shaman in wrath named Sharicasmi that tanked all the dungeons and raids. He was able to get defense capped and had 45k health. For reference typical dps had around 25 k in wrath. And tanks were between 40k and 60k and as high as 80k for bears and some dks.

When cata launched shaman tanking along with other fringe ways of playing was pretty much eliminated.

So community, game systems from the classic era (vanilla, TBC, and parts of wrath), and more player choice in regard to being able to use multiple tree builds.

This is the essence of what the classic community desires mostly it seems from wow. I guess pristine couldn’t really deliver that.

Edit: And yet some retail players think we all suffer from a bad case of rose tinted goggle syndrome.


I just dont see why they never learned the command table missions is crap content. It failed in wod it sucked in legion and it sucks in bfa. If they did pristine realms and made the classes unique again and a good pvp system i would be down.

(Eaglesgift) #96

table missions are their because creating new missions (faux content) is cheap and easy - just table entries, no new art. They are complete garbage but its the direction the game is going.

(Hothwompa) #97

Yea mission tables were a bad system in an mmorpg. It was more like a phone game lol.

It seems the dev loves them though and think they are vital for some reason. Probably because a lot of the player base does too. I know a guildee of mine loves them for example.

(Dovahsah) #98

Yes…to grind gold for tokens :rofl:


Its content that advances you with little to no effort.

Same thing with the gold missions in WoD - i never had to go farm. Ever… between my L100’s and all the gold missions that came up it wasnt even a thing to have to go make money and play the AH anymore…

(Mightylink) #100

If they do something cool next expansion besides war tables and ap grind…

Necromancers or Player Housing would get me back.


Nope, nada, never