Would you play modern again?


I’d take like 15$ a month to play again - as the game plays like a job, has nothing appealing or fun about it.


Bugger $15/month. I’d play for as little as $20/hour. It’s less than I’m worth and much less interesting than my current job, but making my own hours and working from home with 0 stress would be worth it. If you offered me $30/hour or more I’d seriously consider it.


Fair enough


Na, retail wow has become a single player game for the most part and with Cyberpunk 2077 Around the corner I’ll have my single player fix soon


None of that matters if classes feel like junk to play.


Give me:

PvP gear I can buy
A server community
A fun class to play
Events that come into the cities and are a threat
A great story

Destroy forever:
Ilvl scaling
Rng pvp rewards
Flying restrictions

And I’d probably come back.


8.2 patch is up on PTR, so all the people loving Retail can go over and complain how its destroying the game or how awesome it is.


I’ll divide my time between the two. Sometimes I’ll focus on classic, sometimes on retail, other times I might get bored and not log into either for several months.

(Hothwompa) #39

It seems like there is more to it then just restoring the potential of a realms community again. It seems that game play and systems are a major component of a great mmorpg. Maybe as high as 50/50 stand alone server community and community building orientated game systems

So maybe pristine would not be enough. Maybe if classic ends up being very successful the dev will see and adopt classic like systems to modern again.


Let me clue you in. Ion has not had a successful idea yet. The game has steadily lost subscriptions since he took over. Let that sink in.

(Thump) #41

They would have to revert to the old talent system, weapon skills and a number of other quirks before I would even consider it.


Man I don’t like the GAME that retail has become. Just remove LFR and LFG isn’t going to fix it enough for me to play it.

They have (IMO) ruined far too much of it.


If they got rid of…

-Inane (insert xpac themed power up item here) that you have to constantly farm.
-Welfare epics
-AoE derp festing.

If they did that, I’d give it another shot.

(Zenetta) #44

BfA sucks because class design is terrible. It’s just Legion-lite. We lost more going into BfA by far than we gained in terms of class design. Only the overhauled specs might be a minor exception to that, but even those feel lacking.

The Azerite system, which is the only customization we have to make up for the loss of legendaries + artifacts + set bonuses is generic, boring and awful as well.

Nothing about why BfA is a dud compared to Legion (which was much more popular than the dud that was WoD) would be fixed by pristine servers. The people who haven’t played since vanilla might think that “community” is WoW’s main issue, but horrible class design and excessive RNG/poor reward structure (titanforging is the devil) have had a far more significant negative impact on retail than LFR or any other random thing people think ruined WoW.


Without a doubt.


Considering that Legion was the most successful Expansion since Wrath… your argument is undermining itself.


According to…?

(Gorwarth) #48

I know I am in the minority but for me its the story that stops me playing modern wow. The immersion just isn’t there when the backdrop of what it means to be a playable horde character following the WC3 redemption arc of “finding our way in the world” to “generic bad guys being bad because they are bad”.

Everything that was great about playing horde has been swept aside so they can focus a narrative.



Citation needed.

(Gorwarth) #50

Legion had some very strong points overall no denying it, but it also had some (what I would consider) catastrophic design flaws early on with how game systems interacted.
Specifically the unlocking on the artefact traits, the acquisition of legendarys (RNG GG and the early bug of if you got one you got several in a short time) and the unbalanced traits on the runes.

BFA is just… considering the experience and resources they have available, the worst designed xpac.

Companies care more about profitability than popularity.