Would you continue to play Classic Vanilla if Classic TBC were to be released?

Yes, I raided BC Kara to Sunwell. While I’d love to finish Sunwell pre-nerf as my BC guild stopped raiding on Brutallus when it was nerfed I didn’t see much of Vanilla raiding content until BC and later. I learned to play my druid and tank/dps in BC.

I’m sure there’s a good portion that would change to TBC servers and we’d get an influx of TBC pserver players and probably some Wrath holdouts. However, I don’t know if it would be as big as people think. I loved BC, but way too many have nostalgia for Wrath. Wrath was mediocre (story line was only truly amazing part…and Ulduar) in comparison to me, but there’s a very large player base for that expansion.

I doubt we’ll see hints of BC until Naxx has been out for a while. Blizzard basically negated Naxx in Vanilla with the announcement of TBC launch and the hype train that it brought. Guilds quit raiding. People love that 1% stat, but ignore the surrounding issues raiding guild had due to TBC hype. At the time it was “why raid when all the upcoming gear may just replace it all?”. And I don’t think they want to relive that again.


So torn myself. Loved BC, but I did it all…almost. Most of the people I see hyped for BC either didn’t play BC, came on the tail end of it near Wrath, or barely got past T4 until the Sunwell nerf. People make Karazhan out to be this amazing raid, but if you were a Sunwell raider it was the equivalent of Molten Core and you ran it into the ground. Don’t get me wrong I’d do Karazhan again and all that jazz, but I missed out on most of Vanilla raiding.

I’m hoping Blizzard has half a brain to wait for least 6+ months after Naxx release to drop a BC legacy server set. Six months sounds like a long time, but for the non-hardcore, non -nolifers this will push it to clear Naxx by then.


Easy answer about Wrath. NO! Vanilla and BC are my eras. Outside of Uludar and maybe ICC I find Wrath abysmal.




/10 characters

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hell no, tbc and wrath were probably the pinnacle of this game.


By subscription numbers you’re right.

I’d start playing it again, sure. Same way I came back for BWL and will again for Naxx at some point.

Absolutely not.

Listen, I’m going to make this really easy for you, OP.

The answer can be predicted 100% by instead asking the question: “What class do you play?”

When TBC comes out, 95+% of all druids, shaman, and paladins will leave classic. Also hunters and a good number of priests.

I love classic, I really do, but the most serious and fatal flaw of it is the class parity. Warriors and mages are disgustingly overpowered, warlocks and priests are fine, and everyone else sucks.

So when tbc comes out, classic will have basically no healers left and will then die.


Made up stats are hilarious!!!

I did the full druid thing in BC. And to say everyone else sucks, but X classes is ignorance. Sorry if you get stuck healing.

When BC comes out there will still be many healers. And if you think that people will leave in droves just imagine if Wrath is announced before or during Sunwell. You’ll lose more there than Classic will to TBC.

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I would argure TBC would lead to bfa instead. Every expansion gives precedent for the next, splitting the community each time. If you instead have orginal vanilla servers (Classic the way it is now) and servers that are classic+ it minimizes how much the community can be split. It minimizes it even further if you could copy a character from classic to classic+ since guilds could easily do content in both.

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Not at all.

It’s a common sentiment amongst the playerbase that blizzard in its current form cannot be trusted to make good content.

If they even try classic+ it will be far more “bfa” than tbc would be, and a lot of people would quit on the spot.

I know I would.


There is a reason why there are very few and now basically 0, private TBC servers.

Its not as great as you remember it to be and the content is over quickly. Plus you’ll spend most of your free time farming in a tiny spot against everyone else on your server as well.

My point is TBC is not the cure all you think its going to be. Enjoy this game now before its just a stepping stone to TBC, and then when thats over, youll have to find something else to complain about.

I’d love Classic+, but Blizzard has stated they don’t want to run two MMOs. I hesitate to call anything past Cata a MMORPG, but that’s beside the point. Classic+ would be a second MMORPG. Even with reuse of various portions of later expansions they’d have to rewrite lore. As much as I want Classic+ I’m putting it a next to no chance of happening.


Yes it was.

Memory is imperfect but it is not THAT imperfect.

I played from mid-vanilla until early MoP.

TBC absolutely was the best wow has ever been.


i wanna be a draenei resto shaman so…no

also #northrendsux

TBC erases all progression you’ve had up to that point in terms of gear, you get epics and legendaries replaced by greens. Its insane. With classic+ you keep the level cap and all your gear isnt immediately obsolete. Plus you wouldn’t have flying to ruin pvp.

Good. That is GOOD.

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Umm, you missed the felmyst hype and take down. The reason there are so few is the quality. The one quality one got a cease and desist the minute it launched.

I do agree TBC isn’t a cure all. Nothing is a cure all. People clamored for years and finally got Classic now many are crying for BC and beyond while Classic hasn’t even been out a year yet! I don’t know whey people think they’ll just get BC and beyond that quickly. They haven’t even released the entirety of Classic content. AQ Gates have yet to come. Man, humans are impatient creatures.


We live short lives.