Would you be okay with one time East/West server transfers

Hi everyone,

I started WoW classic when it came out like many of us, and like quite a few others, I just picked a random US realm stoked to play the game. Later they split them into their proper categories of East/West for idiots like me who never realized they should match server time to their own. Or that was even a possibility.

I have recently contacted blizzard support about getting a free transfer from East to West. My response from them was basically, our hands are tied. But make a forum post and see how it goes, maybe they can get untied.

What I’d like is to have a few open weeks of transfers from East to West and vice versa like they did with realms that were overpopulated. But perhaps we can make it so the transfer are ONLY allowed to low population servers on the other side (East/West)?

I really think that if this gets enough traction Blizzard would be okay with it. They really don’t want to piss the player base off though, so I would love to ask. What do you guys think?

Would you be okay with this? If you are against this idea, please explain why :slight_smile:

There have already been transfers allowed to low pop realms, so personally I don’t think this would cause many changes and most people would just not even transfer. But I’d love to hear good arguments as to why it should or shouldn’t be.

Thank you guys!!


Curious as to why. I only see raid times as a big factor?

Ive played Faerlina being from SoCal.

Im not against it at all, as I think paid transfers everywhere are coming soon. I dont think Blizzard wants to phase transfers either, but who knows.

For me it is purely so I can have the remote possibility of raiding during the week. Living in California, my 3 hour time difference on my server makes it nearly impossible for it to work out.

I can raid on the weekends at least. So it’s not the end of the world,

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I feel your pain. Smaller server raid times would be impossible for me, too.

I rerolled Atiesh but am too burned out to push to 60 for now.

Blizzard should open transfers soon.

I really like your optimism. Gives me a little bit of hope lol.

Blizzard has stuck to the #nochanges pretty well though, so I see little chance it happening on their own accord sadly.

The zones were posted August 9th…

I am currently 3 hours ahead of my server, Rattlegore, and I can agree it does make raiding difficult. People want to know why you need to log at 12am but its actually 3 am for me xD

I would be open to the idea, but like you said it would need to have stipulations as to which realms you can transfer to.

Honestly though I think this one should just fall into the paid transfer department. Its the same concept of “rectifying a mistake of choosing a PvP” server only instead your mistake was time zone.

I did not read about them online. And nor did I think to.

When the game started up they were not under specific categories so you had to know ahead of time (from online) which servers were East/West.

They also coded transfer frameworks per their patch notes.

Good news, though:

Hey thanks!!! Honestly this one response made this whole post worth it to me. I didn’t think to put any hope into that because of #nochanges. But maybe with time they will not care as much.

There were paid transfers in Vanilla. From what I hear it wasn’t for a while.

They keep all of these links I’ve posted to you pinned to the top in blue :slight_smile:

um … even when they announced character creation it was known which were east / west etc.
Sorry but what ?

At launch they were posted online. But in-game, all West/East realms were listed under just US. It wasn’t until two months after launch that they split them into their appropriate categories for idiots like me.

People who have not been playing modern wow would never think about this. Even most MMORPGS of today don’t even have servers based upon location time. I’ve played lots of GW2 and Tera, neither of which use real time as game time. WoW is just that freaking massive

To answer the OP
No, i would see no problem with it
Time Zone does affect finding people, 3am EST, its only 11pm in CA
does cause a big difference in active pop.

As for it being posted prior.
Remember, not everyone reads these forums, most players dont look at the website period, all interaction is through the game client only.
I can easily see someone simply not knowing which server was which.

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Also I’d like to add that when the servers launched there was only one roleplay server and one RP-PVP server. So if you chose one of those but didn’t fit the server time zone you may have had a difficult time finding groups on your schedule.

We know transfers are coming at some point. We don’t know when. It would be great if we had a better idea of when they might be coming, as we would then be able to plan accordingly.

With regards to the East/West realms, I don’t think it really matters much where you live or where you play. I live on the West Coast, but tend to prefer East servers, but there are people from everyone on all servers.

If you don’t like your realm for whatever reason, you can either wait until whenever server transfers happen, or just reroll. People make it out to be a huge massive deal to reroll, but if playing on a preferred server or faction is important to you, then you can simply prioritize that.


To answer the actual question, I will be OK with whatever we end up with. I usually am, although of course I have preferences. If it were up to me, we would never have transfers available for Classic.

I like the rite of passage that is leveling. I leveled on Fairbanks, as Alliance, during Phase 2. Transfers take away some of the feeling of pride of having a character on a particular server, in my opinion.