Would like to pause my account until classic comes out


I have over 2 months left of my sub, and cannot play this game in its current form . Didn’t realize how bad it got and would like to wait until Classic.

PS. I will not spend 50 on BFA,

Pss. I might spend 15-20

(Ekon) #2

You can lodge a ticket with Billing and see if they’ll credit you the unused game time when you come back. But, like a cable subscription or non-prepaid phone plan, it’s always ticking down even when not in use.


While you can ask, it is very doubtful the answer would be yes in this circumstance.


Did a ticket. And to clarify, they do not pause subscriptions.


They do consider your game time usage, and I was told that perhaps they could do a 1 timer if lets say, if you did not log in for over a month. They could credit you an additional month based on how long its bee. But also, no guarantee they would do this so not something to bank on.

In review, I was using a little hyperbole in my OP. Now that they are allowing open stress tests, I may have to log in and check it out, you know? What a whole month!!