Would A Pride-Theme Transformer Toy Help Solve The Gear Appearance Problem?

ok like some armor might have 2 areas the main armor and outline
some others might have 5 outline the main and items on the chest

This was a bs statement from devs.

I feel the same way, but after seeing how they handled the Mechagon cat mount dying system, I get the feeling a proper dye set wouldn’t just cost a raid tier, but instead would cost a whole expansion.


I agree they have proven they can’t do anything with any efficiency at all.

Heck my store transmogs still don’t work properly.

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and plus the dyes would be like the legendries
high price on the ah

With the mechanic cat mounts they created a certain amount of mounts in different colors. It wasnt actually dying.

Indeed, which further is why I don’t think they could actually make it work.

I sure wish I’d get proven wrong though. God, a good dye system would solve so many transmog issues.

Rift did a poor job of dyes and I feel like that’s what would happen with WoW dyes.

Think i was replying to the wrong person by accident, but my point still stands.

Did you know that gaymingmag (no I didn’t make that up) is a site that has a huge list of all the games with LGBT content coming or already out in 2022? Folks who want more LGBT in their gaming experience should check it out.


OP has also admitted to using troll alts so idk why anyone would take them seriously


Well according to some of the pride parades I have seen there would be a lot of leather and chaps missing their rears.

So really its no different than the average draenei or blood elf mog.


Pleas dont suspend me for posting something funny.


My only regret is that I cannot flag the original post as inappropriate for discussion about the fantasy game World of Warcraft.

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That’s not a bad idea. Like specific shoulders that can be modified. That way they wouldn’t have to go back and re-code every piece of gear in the game ever

Edit: Like starting in the new expansion, you could do an activity like torghast or mage tower and get gear drops that are strictly for transmog and customizable

Those are some of the fiercest looking blood elves I’ve ever seen

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I’m disappointed in how the future generation trolls these days. We Millennials were in the advent of the Internet, we didn’t teach them proper trolling techniques. These days any SNERT with a bluetooth-enhanced fridge could do some low-hanging fruit and call it ‘trolling’

What happened to the tact? The witty lines? The actual effort?

We failed our generation and now all we have to blame is ourselves.

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This threa is soooooo original.

News to me. Citation needed.