Would A Pride-Theme Transformer Toy Help Solve The Gear Appearance Problem?

Rather than making new gear for a Pride set, what if instead a Toy were created that would temporarily transform your gear into a Pride theme?

Essentially it’d be like something this:

Only it’d transform you into a Pride-themed appearance instead.

I think this would be really cool and help boost representation. Of course, the Toy should have a short (or no) cooldown given that it’s simply a personal appearance changer.


God please mods notice the OP is trolling and not sincere.


Why would they make a pride gear set to begin with?

What would a pride gear set look like?

Are you a tuln clone?

If a pride gear set is just simply colorful then go get some transmog gear that does the trick.

Solution to a this issue and other transmog requests. Crafted dye sets, color your gear and maybe mounts just how your like. Done, your welcome.


I’m not opposed to this, but I recall there being dev talk previously about how dyes simply won’t work with their engine (I think this was back in WoD?)

Dyes would certainly solve a lot of problems. I don’t disagree with that.

No. 10 chars


Can it transform me into Anduin?

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Hence why he put me on ignore cause I call out his “sincere” topics

May well be


If they can click a box for color then click on the armor they are creating for the next major patch or expansion to add color, then they can add in game dye.

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Why are y’all so obsessed with your sexual orientation that you need to inject it into the game.


It’s bait. Not even remotely sincere. Relax.


The goal is to post something inflammatory enough that a psycho rightwinger and a psycho leftwinger will get into it enough for normal people to start injecting their less-intense opinions until the thread gets to 500 replies and then 404’d.


I think the problem is their system relies on completely separate models.

Remember the Mechagon cat mount that you could “dye”? I believe they’re separate models that just get swapped when you select a new “dye” for it.


Well then they can make a model of each armor set with a color palette. When you select your color choice it changes models. There are a number of items already with various color options, just needs to be expanded on.

They do. They’re called “recolors.” But they don’t make tons of them, because due to the types of rendering and shading, they have to either give a blank slate with a flat color for dyes or spend an entire expansion revamping every single piece of armor in the game for a new armor system.

They haven’t done this yet. Maybe someday. But it’s not as easy as people think.

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I feel like this could limit our choices though, if not implemented perfectly. Although, it’s certainly better than nothing by far.


imho having a dying system would not work to well
each armor would have zones.
example chest might have 4 zones
boots 2 ect.it would take to much time

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you clarify?

Do you mean different portions of each piece? So in your chest example, there’d be 4 quadrants that could be dyed?