[WOTLK] Wild Growth targeting pets over players

We’ve had dozens of threads about this for easily 6 months now; why is Blizzard remaining silent?

Wild Growth seems to be targeting pets even when there are injured players within the range of the cast. I always make sure to not cast Wild Growth unless there are multiple injured targets near each other, but still, half the time when I cast it, only one or two players get it and the other 4 get applied to pets. Why? It’s incredibly frustrating to cast a 6-target heal and watch only 1 or 2 players get it.

Chain Heal does not have this problem. Circle of Healing does not have this problem. So why does Wild Growth have this problem? I can understand if Blizzard wants to discourage druids from spamming WG on the melee for Revitalize procs, but that doesn’t mean the ability should start outright prioritizing pets over injured players. Wild Growth should ALWAYS be targeting injured players over pets, in every scenario.

It’s just mindblowing that Restoration Druid’s 51-point talent has been broken like this for 6+ months now and the only response we’ve gotten was a vague “working as intended, reference client”. I highly doubt that Wild Growth prioritizing pets over players is “intended” behavior.

And before the usual trolls say “it’s not a bug it’s not a bug”, literally no other AoE heal in the game does this. Chain Heal always targets players. Circle of Healing always targets players. Divine Hymn always targets players. Why does Wild Growth prioritize pets??

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This isn’t true btw, Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending both work the same way as Wild Growth.

I was unsure of those; some people say they do, some say they don’t.

Even if they do, okay those need to be fixed too. No heal should ever be prioritizing pets over players. Why AoE heals are even allowed to heal pets in the first place is beyond me.

I do think they should be able to heal pets (pets are >20% of some specs’ damage! and many many healers don’t even have pet frames enabled) but yeah I agree that if a player and pet are at the same missing hp (or full) it should be players > pets.

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