[WotLK] Raising gold cap

As far as I understand, the gold cap has remained the same as it was in vanilla classic at around ~214k. With players able to gain more gold in Wrath, I think it would make sense to raise the gold cap. It would be a QoL change for GDKP loot masters who are now reaching pot totals of >214k gold and have to trade someone in the raid a bunch of gold to keep the auctions going.

To me this is more of a sign of too much gold floating around. On the other hand cata also increased the cap per char to 1m g - 1c.


Hi Kruffzz,

While gold is definitely more plentiful from quests, dailies, and other sources in Wrath Classic, we don’t really feel like raising the gold cap would be healthy for the game at this point. We’ve been looking at gold data across all characters and also across all level 80s, and in general even the 100th percentile average (among level 80 characters in particular) is nowhere near the gold cap. We’ll keep an eye on it and may revisit this if we start seeing averages across the high-90’s percentiles start to bump up against the cap but we aren’t very close to that point and the cap that is in place is likely still appropriate.


The primary benefit of raising gold cap in my mind is QoL for people handling all the gold in GDKPs, so I’m a bit confused on how the data you’ve presented is a counterpoint to that, if it’s supposed to be.

So far I’ve already been in at least 2 GDKPs where the loot master had to trade gold to someone else to continue auctioning items, because they had been given too much gold by people who won auctions. And these are just regular GDKPs where the average buyer had a pretty reasonable amount of gold for a GDKP regular.

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