WOTLK Race Changes

they really need to bring in faction and race changes. I mean its free money for blizzard


i love buying things on wow omg

I just want them to change dead racials, like treasure finding. In original WOTLK there were treasure chests all over Northrend but then Blizzard removed them while promising to completely replace them with revamped chests in the next patch, but they didn’t end up allocating their resources for that until cata.

And at least in TBC you could use treasure finding for finding scattered blimp parts and other gathering quests.

waaaaah other people have their own money that they can spend how they choose and i have to comment on it waaaaah

next year for Q1 profits

They already have enough for Q4 with D4 pre-sale, Dragonflight, WOTLK, and Overdone 2 I mean overwatch.

They really don’t.

Who knows if they’ll even add them? Something being in WotLK isn’t a criteria for being in WotLK Classic.

I can’t wait until I can change my Shaman into a … oh :slightly_frowning_face:

They had race and faction changes during LK the first time. I am waiting for the faction change because I miss my Horde.

how will i recover

They also had RDF the first time, which currently does not appear to be on the table, so I wouldn’t expect much.

They have already said they will add race and faction changes but not at the beginning so I give a month or two.

Ah, fair. I didn’t see that

Originally they said they weren’t adding in race changes for a completely (imo) arbitrary reason that had no real logic to it. Leading to people speculating that they were cutting corners to get Wrath out as fast as possible. The “tin foil hat” theory about cutting corners for profit seems to be more accurate as time goes on… like why in the world do we not have Isle of Conquest in Wrath ATM but there is a daily PvP quest for it? I’m indifferent on the RDF topic but you can add that to the list since it’s been consistently polled that the people who are largely against RDF are only an average of “less than” 20% of a loud minority. And the list goes on.

But yes. They said they will be adding in race changes eventually TBA. It should have been an option in pre patch. The same reasons people raged on forums asking for it years ago are the same reasons today.

People want the freedom to choose whether or not to change their characters race for performance or aesthetics. I originally played my classic main (forsaken rogue) as a certain race only for aesthetics. I Loved the T2 set on forsaken. I don’t PvP competitively, and if anything I enjoy raiding way more. I like the aesthetics of other races in TBC and Wrath for rogue sets… specifically Orc. And I’m playing assassination currently and plan to do so for all of Wrath Classic.

The “meta” for assassination would normally be Troll for the Haste and AOE crit chance with throwing specialization with Fan of Knives and Focused attacks to get more energy back on AOE. And Orc for Combat late game with a minor advantage from expertise and AP.

I wanted to be able to wear the T5 set as Orc in TBC but I couldn’t… so I leveled a second rogue as an orc JUST for that reason. ALL of my Vanilla achievements, rep, T3 set, 40-man Naxx weapons are on my forsaken. Since playing every bit of content on Classic Vanilla with my forsaken rogue. I can’t currently have the option to ever equip my unobtainable gear on an orc until Race changes are added. And it sucks.

Blizz hurry up and take my money. I wanna do the MC hammertime dance in Dalaran in my T3 set, flex old titles, and dunk on some kids that chose a race for the optimal Meta while lookin’ clean in my oversized shoulders.


Blizzard has already confirmed they’re being added

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I would like to know this too. I have a Horde Rogue (that was my main character in Classic and TBC) and a bunch of friends convinced me to play Alliance with them that are friends from WAY back in original TBC and Wrath. I boosted a Hunter that is Alliance, but really have a big itch to play my Rogue now again. But want to do it on the faction I am going to be playing.

I can barely stand to look at you

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hey blizzard an update would be nice

Hey Bilizzard,

A race change will be great.

Please add it and take my money!!!

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