[WotLK News] A live chat with Devs

How is iLevel squish the “Elephant in the Room?”

While I am glad you got a chance to sit down with them, it looks like you either did not get a chance to talk about the true Elephant in the Room topics.

So, was it smoke and mirror show then? You truly have no ability to discuss true topics if the company is dictating talking points to be discussed.

Every single day I am getting more frustrated.

Thank you for passing this along.


was about to say that this could be the reason. imagine being toxic because of a forum avatar lol.

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From what was discussed, I feel like it’s the biggest news since it’s a pretty big proposal to make.


It really seems like the main focus is just getting wrath out into the world as quickly as possible and dealing with the aftermath responses post-launch.


They didn’t even bother to mention the LFG tool AT ALL.

Like fine, ignore the LFD talk but when you tell us you’re willing to listen about the LFG tool and only add a single, thing which was “New Player Friendly” it’s just such bs.


they’ve been lying to us all along and our so called community reps won’t call them out on it.


Just to clarify one thing, the format of the chat was more akin to Blizzard bouncing potential ideas off of the WCC, akin to a focus group.

It was not a town hall or open forum.


Very much so, part of what made wrath raiding so beautiful was that there was something there for pretty much everyone regardless of level of play or commitment.


Sounds like the thread title needs to be changed then as it was NOT a talk WITH the devs but a talking to from the devs.


Let’s not take their anger out on them, friend.
Seems like their hands were tied here.


Not angry, but I think they have some responsibility to vocalize and say “this is actually a really bad idea”. If they can’t do that, what’s the point?


No Cleavis. It is apparent the format and purpose of the chat was for them to tell you what to come to us with.

We need our “Community” reps to actually. . represent the community.

For example.

It is news. Not biggest. Perhaps on the curated topic list they would only talk about.

Please be more proactive in your community and not just a walled off forum that gave you a pretty color.

Read the discourse on this forum. Feel the concern and even rage from all sides.

Right now it feels like you are union reps that position yourself to get a fat bonus all the while the poor people below you are not getting a raise or anything.

Again, thank you for finally reaching out.


At risk of being pedantic, fwiw the phrase “elephant in the room” refers to a major issue that people are avoiding discussing (even though everyone can see it), not breaking news that is new to people.


Not sure how I feel about the ilvl squish. Part of the reason given is to make ICC more challenging, but I wonder what percentage of the people ever completed the ICC raid at the time? Just normal mode, not heroic or anything? I don’t know the answer but I’m betting it’s in single digits. Will this “ilvl” squish in TOC drive that percentage even lower? Why not buff ulduaar instead. Have a “bump” instead of squish


The more the CC posts the more convinced I am they were chosen specifically so they wouldn’t do that…

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Literally gain nothing from doing this and could quite literally have not posted about this at all. They didn’t ask me to post it, I posted it on my own accord because I want the community to know about it.
The only “fat bonus” I’m getting is a big dooky on my head from other players.


I applaud you council members for doing what you do but it’s rather concerning you guys just completely side step the elephant in the room.


Don’t make it personal and don’t blame the CC. It’s Blizz that’s the problem. And they’ve made these people a scapegoat.


“No changes” is actually a strong design philosophy for a product like classic wow. Why does blizzard see toc/icc difficulty as a problem that needs to be fixed, rather than just the way that wotlk is?


which is sad and hopefully you’re not discouraged by a small minority of players being bitter. This information really is appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: