[WotLK News] A live chat with Devs

So make your own topic. RDF whiners spamming in every single non-relevant topic is just straight up annoying. Same happened in the topic about the buff-resets, just turned into a RDF whine fest.


They won’t listen to us fully until we all try the garbage LFG tool I bet. Once everyone tries it and sees how bad it is (because it is) then maybe we’ll get our foot in the door.


As for on-topic discussion, I wonder what kind of iLvl squish they are looking at and if it will impact certain classes maybe


The CC/authors of the post SPECIFICALLY asked you not to. You’re spamming.

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OP can request whatever they want, they don’t have any authority over what I can and can’t say. If I feel RDF was overlooked in the discussion I will bring it up. End of story.


so they talked to you instead of talked with you.

I knew they ordered Pazorax to lie to us.


Thanks for the communication!

Very curious about the ToC item squish, I think this is a great idea in concept and would like to see what they would do as far as balancing it against the ICC 5-mans released in the final phase.

Lastly, could you elaborate on what’s meant by “regions” when they talk about as few Fresh servers as possible? I’m hoping that US E/W are not broken up into separate servers, I really fear that will spread the population out too much.

From what I can remember, they were talking about making it so that Ulduar 25 heroic gear would be better than ToC 10 man gear but not better than ToC heroic gear.

We brought up Class balance as well for this exact reason you’re saying here, the potential impact (Like for Warriors and Fire mages for example), if I remember correctly, they said they wanted to first look at the first phase and see where the dominos line up first.

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Not sure if US E and US W are separate, got no answer for that I’m afraid.

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Bummer, but thanks a ton for the concise info. You didn’t get much but you’re sharing what you did get and that’s appreciated!

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I don’t understand the stat squish idea at all. Are these guys just lost? They have moments of brilliance followed by statements like these that are just dumb founding.

Why would you go through all the effort of removing having to do 2x togc just so instead you have to do togc + ulduar. Or later on, togc + icc.


Not going to make this about rdf, but it’s interesting they didn’t want to talk about the biggest issue. Not your fault though.


Any concerns on what an ilvl squish for ToC would mean for folks joining WotLK late or main switches in need of some catch up gear?


It’s encouraging to hear them talk about these issues but the dev’s response appears to be a continued reliance on transfers as a ‘fix-all’. I made a post about the role of transfers and how their abuse has largely contributed to detriment of the game.


Mispeled replied about this and it sounds like only Ulduar 25 Heroic would be better than ToC 10 Normal. Everything else would scale more similarly to OG Wrath, but perhaps tightened to make ToC less of a lucrative grind-fest. It sounds more like it’s rewarding the really accomplished folks in Ulduar than it is punishing catch-up for latecomers during ToC.

they are silent because they have stated they are not adding it so dont need to keep talking about it. It’s just the trolls on the forums that wont let it go


I think adjusting ilvl on gears is a bad idea. Ulduar would have more relevance by simply having the phase last longer. Even if the ilvl was squished from T9 and T10, the power creep from tier sets alone would still make the content largely redundant outside of mounts/achieves/valanyr frags.

Toc lockout changes are fine, the closer they can get it to mirroring ICC the better imo.

IF they are going tk do something about faction balance… please do the “we are thinking about doing this because we think it will help faction balance by …” approach as opposed to a footnote at the end of a patch that has “factions now receive bonuses X Y and Z on balanced realms”.

If they are making wintergrasp cross realm and having the arbitrary condition of a player must win wintergrasp for their faction to have access. I would prefer they just remove it and allow free access to the portal. However, unless i am mistaken they havent told us how the zone will be handled. Their are various NPCs that require your faction to have control of wintergrasp to have access to them. How will this work under the new wintergrasp formula?

As for “Fresh” they are wise to limit the servers they roll out, but if they are serious about maintainijg server balance on them, it would do them a lot of good to be heavy handed in managing these servers at launch (faction queues or some other detterent).

Cheers for the communication Mispeled, it is appreciated.


Well said.



you missed the whole point lol

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No I didn’t. Ppl will continue to post about RDF until they put it in the game bc that is the correct decision. So the “trolling” is gonna continue whether you like it or not