WOTLK Fresh looking rough

We haven’t had any word on fresh-start realms since they were announced. It would be nice to have a few weeks to level to 80 before WOTLK actually releases. Blizzard is really killing the momentum by not communicating with the playerbase,


Completely agree. It’s a shame this was teased weeks ago and yet it’s been radio silence.

Seems as though blizzard can’t help but hamstring (heh) themselves by not providing any information.

The best part is, when we finally get information for fresh, it’ll be 12 hours before release 8)


Yea, I’ve already decided not to bother. I really like the idea of a fresh realm, but as soon as wrath launches I’m gonna want to play wrath, not my level 52 character on fresh I didnt have enough time to level before the expansion dropped. Really dropped the ball on this one by waiting so long. Releasing it with wrath will be the reason it dies before it even really gets to live.


All of my friends and I were really excited for fresh release but at this point out of my group of 6 friends only one other is still holding out for fresh with me while the rest have just started on established servers. This lack of communication on Blizzards part has really thrown a stick in the spokes of Wrath Fresh’s momentum and it’s really a bummer to see this in real time. One would expect more from a Triple A company like ActiBlizz but I guess here we are.


At this point, they can drop fresh servers now and transition them to prepatch with everyone else, giving the community a chance and allowing people to get to a level to enjoy the invasion without having to go nuts.

It’s almost malicious at this point the level of non communication.


Theyre probably coming with prepatch.

It takes 4 days to go from 1-80 with the 50% exp buff. Another 4 days of dungeon spamming to get preraid BIS/professions. 2 weeks a character is enough time unless you are planning on having 6 preraid BIS alts ready by Naxxramas release.

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We’re 2 days short of 6 weeks from launch.

Reeee lax. Lol


Some of us have responsibilities, we can’t just sit at our computers for 4 days straight with less than a week’s notice for vacation time.


that’s ambitious, to get to 80 before wotlk even releases


Isn’t the whole point of fresh to have minimal prep time, and have a leveling rush starting with pre patch?


Absolutely. It’s going to be a disaster now since hype is dying by the day. Why bother with fresh with the invasion going on that you won’t even get to enjoy??

I really wish Brian or the team would at least comment on the status of everything and deliver SOME information for us, but I’m not holding my breath.

Quite frankly, with the way this was handled and SoM coming out immediately after vanilla - I’m not so sure I can contribute $15 a month. Might just explore other MMOs because my excitement dies every time here.


It takes regular people how long to get 4 days played in?

How many rational thoughts does it take for you to not comment on things that don’t impact you?

Yeah but a lot of us see the process. End PVP season, release server names, name reservations, etc.

It takes very little time to communicate UNLESS, the worst case, they still don’t know this close to launch…which would mean we have a product owner who should be out of a job.

Have you considered not being upset that Blizzard cannot specifically cater to your unique obligations/situation? I’m sorry if you can only play two hours a week, that doesn’t mean a 6 month long prepatch should be warranted. Four weeks of prepatch is actually fine. Wrath leveling and gearing are nothing like TBC and vanilla. It can all be done start to finish in two weeks (even with a regular person schedule).

They intention is a fresh realm where people don’t have a 3 year advantage on you. This was teased along with wrath announcement as there’s an influx of people that will play solely wrath…

We get new information almost daily about character models for body type 2 dragons but cannot get solid information about an entire portion of the game ???

Say ‘retail and classic teams are different’ all
You want - but the fact remains. There is clear incompetence from the top down

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Not asking Blizzard to cater to anyone, just to have a little more transparency on what is going on so that we can plan ahead. We’re not all glued to our computer chairs like you are.

2 hours a day for 24 days gets the 48 hours you claim for 1-70.

Add in any pre launch prep.

Perhaps you’re one of those that think you should only play if you can soak your chair in sweat for 8 hours a day.

Your kids still alive? Employed? Wife who is not sleeping with your best friend?


More over 50% buff won’t be available for 70-80

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What is your hurry? You are just a casual anyways. Before Sept 26th you will be crying that dual spec cost too much gold and ask for a reduction. Kin Tor rings cost too much please reduce the cost. But you already know this because you will be quitting again when the 90 days are up and the pvp servers become one-sided. Bot playground is what they call fresh servers. Have fun.

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