WotLK faction transfer not confirmed?

Why did I just get the below ticket response about faction change in WotLK?? I thought this was confirmed before launch and we were just waiting for a date? Blizzard please explain.





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they confirmed it would be in the game, just not on release. sadly i think it’ll prob come with ulduar but im hoping its earlier


I know they bactracked on race changes, but I don’t believe faction change was a part of that reversal.

They are trying to preserve a pvp season or 2 I’d gather.

oh no ,the flood of humans.

question is will there be pvp season to preserve? I hear of doom and gloom in arena. DOn’t run it myself to see first hand. BUt I will be honest.

I ain’t much of a raider for a weapon. and rng hate me so…I lack gold to even gdkp normal naxx for better odds.

and pretty sure walking up in savage will not pass some crew’s heroic dungeon checks either.

so yeah…they really like making entry hard here. Even Ion will let you get face slapped a few days for a 7/7 weapon or 2. So I will say pvp may have pop issues at higher levels in time.

If they’re worried about PvP server balance, just… don’t offer it on PvP servers. Easy. Let the rest of us PvE and RP nerds play with our friends who rolled the opposite faction.

Faction changes are part of it.

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