WOTLK Classic already has Random Dungeon Finder

I don’t want RDF in the game, but this post is grossly misinformed. The experience of the LFG tool in no way compares to RDF in terms of ease of use and priority ordering. RDF absolutely offers positive QoL improvements to the game; however, it’s the opinion of much of the player base (and seemingly Blizzard) that the benefits are not worth the downsides.

Whether or not any given person agrees that the downsides are, in fact, downsides is neither here is not really relevant to this thread. What is relevant is that spreading misinformation like this helps no one.

Where’s the proof that the majority of the playerbase doesn’t want it? The ACTUAL proof.


Why would someone who doesn’t want RDF play Classic Era? They can just play Classic Wrath because Classic Wrath doesn’t have RDF in it.

It’s those who want RDF in Classic Wrath that may want to consider looking elsewhere. They’re the ones that want the game to change.

Read what I wrote carefully. Let’s not lose sight of what the actual issue here is. This post is wrong and wherever you stand on the RDF issue, it should not be supported.

Because it’s not there?

We don’t know if this version of ‘Wrath’ will have it in or not.

I did read it, hence why I chose to reply. You said that it appears to be the opinion of much of the playerbase that the benefits are not worth the downsides. I then asked for any actual proof that this is actually the case.


But it’s also not in Classic Wrath? What part of that are you not getting?

What do you think this statement here means:

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They also didn’t plan to have classic servers period.

Plans change.


Lol, seriously? “We do not have plans to add it”? That’s your crutch to stand on?


You all are aware that like 80% of the appeal of these classic servers were to escape features like RDF right?


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Those two words mean different things.

It’s not even remotely the same… Well let me elaborate a bit more. This is not at all how it is working in lower levels. No more than 5 hours ago on my level 52 rogue I started a group and baby sat that LFG looking for 2.5 hours

Full group - I go to stone - As soon as I arrive at stone we notice that not a single other person was heading to the stone, tank leaves - Find tank - Healer is AFK then disconnects - tank leaves.

This went on forever I eventually gave up and started questing


100% of the appeal to Classic was the ability to play the game as it was.

“Much” would typically refer to “majority”


Classic Era is still there…


Plans change because billions of dollars are on the line. No such degree of intensity exists with RDF. Can we please not chuck all nuance out the window?

If by crutch you mean definitive answer, then yes, yes it is. Problem?

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A definitive answer would be something like, “We are never going to add Dungeon Finder.” It wouldn’t be, “We do not have plans to add it.” This implies that they do not currently have plans for it, but plans change all the time.


No, the appeal was to play the game as it was back then. Wrath had RDF.

You know what it didn’t have? A level 70 boost. Same faction bgs. Wintergrasp as a cross-realm bg. The list goes on.

But an authentic system from Wrath? Can’t have that!!


No one wants to play and and retail is still there?

If you ask someone if they want to hang out with you, and they say “I have no plans to”, what type of answer is that, Raharrak? When people tell you no, do you think they are really saying yes?

Do you know how early in advance this stuff is done? I’m guessing you’ve never worked on the development of a product before, have you?

Goes from saying “80% of the appeal of Classic was to escape convenience systems”


“No one wants to play Classic Era.”

In a matter of two posts. You can’t even make this stuff up. :rofl:


Yes but can it teleport me to the dungeon? Then no it’s not RDF.