Worthless titles?

Does anyone really think the rank 14 titles are something to brag about anymore?

Something a few friends and I were talking about a few days ago were the rank 14 titles and how people just don’t look at them as skilled players anymore. We all agreed that back in the day if you seen a rank 14 you would stop and check that dude out thinking he/she was a badass. Today you see a rank 14 and you think nothing of it and carry on or think “That dude sitting in premades all day payed off”.

Today it seems like people who rank to 14 either do it for raid gear and end up raid logging or to just say they’ve done the grind. Then there are the few who brag and I can’t help but laugh a little. Anyone else think the same?


It makes more sense to brag about having better things to do than grind 24 7 for 6 months to get something in a video game. That’s comparable to a college degree in the amount of time wasted, and it’s not even fun past the first few weeks. I was burnt out long before getting my R10, but stayed the course anyway because I knew it was the last time in my life I’d ever work this garbage rank system. Once burning crusade opens, most of us are never coming back here again, so you may as well get it now.


…back in vanilla you didn’t see as many titled players but in retail titles and achievements became a big thing and now it’s carried over to classic, whole guilds are pvp titled now, nothing like before in vanilla 15 years ago…

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Yeah I won’t even bother with the grind. I keep running into premades and It sounds like so does everyone else who pvps. Also my job gets in the way of doing that time commitment lol

Sorry but…rank 14 was never about skill even 15 years ago.


Well I can definitely tell you they want you to be impressed by it or they wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble.

Then when you examine the path taken, the one of least resistance, and you cant help but not be impressed.

To be honest, people weren’t really that impressed in vanilla because of the rampant account sharing and what not but that didn’t stop people from being envious and jealous.

Im sure you can find it somewhere if you look but Im not seeing that this time around. Just resentment at the hypocrisy.

Absolutely. If you have r14 it’s an acknowledgement of a deep rooted problem. This should be celebrated.

Edit: I forgot to articulate the problem. How do you stay focused and coordinated so you don’t throw away games while having no break and being sleep deprived and not drive your teammates crazy.

Playing competitively in burst of time like what most do when raiding is one thing.

Playing competitively for prolonged periods of time is another. It’s like running a marathon but you’re sprinting the entire way.

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I haven’t seen too many people brag. But some are definitely over their heads.

That being said, it isn’t just time spent, r14 takes premades and coordination to pull off. Honor per hour is a real concern.


Oh yeah the HPH meta. The numbers matter more but it honestly makes me shake my head lol

Is anyone impressed with anything in classic wow these days?

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…I argue with people in retail all the time about arena and rated pvp titles…they say it’s a measure of how good you are and then I point out that ratings are sold in trade chat all the time…oh boy do I get called all kinds of things…like I said, someone that knows the game in retail will clean up in classic…I’ve seen level 49s with knight and higher titles…just know how to play the game…

When I hit 14 I had a ton of people compliment me. I did it for one reason, I had a personal goal with Classic that I was going to go as far as I could with ranking. I was never happy with myself for stopping at 9 in Vanilla. My goal was 11. After that I easily talked myself into 12 and 13. 14 would not have happened if it weren’t for the covid thing though. I have a full-time job and a family. Working at home allowed me to get all the way to the end.

It was a marathon for me. I am happy I completed a goal I had. I was congratulated in the game by dozens of in-game friends, guildies, and even strangers. Even my guild leader who discouraged it said it was awesome that I was able to push to the end. My immediate family was also super happy for me, and I did my best to be there for them the entire time. Horde has queues when I could step away and I had some days off with the brackets so that was good.

I didn’t tell anyone else. The vast majority of people think this is a nutball thing to do. I just saw it as a goal that was accomplished so I’m happy and that isn’t dictated by what people on the forum etc think.

I’m kind of glad I’m deranking in a way though because I don’t want to be held up to some standard that some people that play the game actually do still seem to have.

Oh and I still play a lot.


That’s really cool you achieved your goals but you don’t strike me as the bragging type so you’re really the kind of ranker I like

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to do the grind but unfortunate for me I can’t fix cars in my office lol


It’s something to be proud of because it’s an insane grind to achieve the gear - it’s competitive for the wrong reasons - it doesn’t make you good at PVP.

They never were. All they show is that you have no life.


That’s what I generally think too

I just want Rank 11 for the mount, but the Corona lockdowns means the competition is way higher then it would otherwise be. Maybe some day.

Think its more of a personal goal rather than bragging rights

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Im impressed at how some people still credit the game for being good when the population ‘surprisingly’ surged once a pandemic hit and 90% of the united states was put on stay at home orders. The delusion is very impressive.

I would hope so but there are quite a few that think they’re Gladiators lol

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