Worth rolling on DD?

Greetings! WoW veteran looking to return after a long break. I played WoW from Vanilla to Legion, never got into BFA though. Played a little classic when it came out, but all my friends stopped playing so I kind of loss interest at the time. But, I miss WoW and I miss the old sense of community and adventure that WoW had, rather than just mix/maxing and boosting to 60, which Classic seems to have turned into on a lot of realms.

I am looking for a new home to a new Horde character on and just wanted to see if it was worth rolling on DD? From what I’ve read on the forums so far it seems to be a friendly place and somewhat active. I enjoy RPing, though I haven’t done it in a while and absolutely love PvPing.

Is DD active enough at all levels to make re-rolling worth it? Are there any people or any guilds out there that are more interested in taking things a bit slower and enjoying the game rather than rushing to 60?

TL:DR: Is DD active? Anyone out there wanna roll new Horde toons and level/RP together?

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You have heard correctly that DD has an amazing community. I leveled a rogue alt to 60 around the time the pandemic hit, so not too long ago. Finding dungeon groups wasn’t always easy or even possible at times, but I did manage to find them. I never did find a group for ulda to complete those ulda quests, but in the course of my journey I found a group for just about every other dungeon I wanted to do, albeit not necessarily exactly when I wanted.

Comparing this to my other leveling experience recently on Grob horde, it is harder and requires more patience. It certainly doesn’t feel empty or desolate while leveling as some might suggest, but it also isn’t bustling. You’ll run into other levelers, they might be alliance, they might be horde and they might just be working on the same thing you are. I distinctly recall having to work with a troll hunter to get some of the STV quests done on my rogue because I couldn’t find any alliance to help. But, it’s worth it at the end. DD is a special place and an awesome place to play. Granted, my experience on DD is entirely from the alliance side, but based on what I’ve heard, the horde players will tell you something similar.

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Awesome, thank you! I really appreciate your reply! :slight_smile:

DD is a friendly community. I play Horde side here and the RP community is awesome and well connected. Boosting is generally frowned on here and our LFG channel isn’t spammy.

So far, I haven’t had trouble getting dungeon groups going (though, I am usually BGing on one account while having an eye on LFG chat if a dungeon groups is starting up for an alt that needs it).

I’m taking these pretty casual with my eventual end game goal of Tier 0.5 (for now).

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Cool, thanks for the reply! Gonna start my character tonight on DD and see how it goes. It seems like a chill and friendly place to just enjoy some WoW and some RP!


Greetings, Thragg! Honor and Vengeance to you!

Welcome to Deviate Delight, and though I only play on the alliance side of the house here (what with our regular bathing and table manners :slight_smile: ), but there are a lot of great Horde folk on the server who will make your transition here fun and not so lonely as on some other servers.

If you decide to roll, I hope you enjoy your time here. There is another post here (linked below) with an informal semi-up-to-date listing of decent Horde-side guilds who enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Bravo to you for remembering that levels 1-59 can still be fun!

See you in the world.

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