Worst glad grind ever

LFG full of have-nots, queues only against the same 2-3 teams repeatedly, 5 min dampening wiz cleaves and 1 trick pony evoker / 1 shot comps.

Ahhh! …Make it stop!


And it’ll be the exact same or worse next season. :dracthyr_heart:


just play aug healer x trust i pushed from 2100 to glad in 2 days playing it, nearly 80% winrate - no voice just gaspedal dps and win on mana or random aug one shot

theres something magical about aug vokers just deleting people with random burst

its like pottery


yea its so confusing yet satisfying at the same time.

its like one moment im pressing my m+ rotation and then the next the game is just over and i’m simply compelled to look at the death log.

240k upheavel, 200k living flame… cool nice job send next

bro i played FDK for the first time in 3s and we randomly pugged some non english speaking augvoker from illidan and we went like 10-0 and the games were over by the time I hit pillar and got an obliterate out. just gathering everyone up and blinding them its insane

I like how it boops their body up in the air. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated:


hardest part about aug/dk is finding a dk to play with :confused:

You’re a monster.

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tbh for how villainous and hated augvokers are you legit never see them. ive seen one in the entirety of the season while i stand around in elwynn.

Maybe they’re shy. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Aren’t these the very things that 3v3 mains advocate for as being the reason why 3v3 is the only meaningful bracket lol?

5+ minute games guaranteed, winning/losing due to damp/mana, and being cheesed because in super-coordinated games players can set up a skillful ‘1 shot’.

I’m beginning to think that you guys just won’t be happy about anything.

Btw, you’re probably only complaining because you’re struggling to maintain the 2400+ rating while grinding the wins, which has nothing to really do with what comps you face (e.g., if you were facing the same stuff but mmr was inflated a few extra hundred points, you wouldn’t really care what you’re facing).

Try to look at the glass half full. You have the partners and a good enough comp to get glad (most don’t even have partners), and you’ll get it without things being super inflated, which will give it more value because it will have been hard-earned (and a lot less people will have it).

Man, the things people whine about :rofl:

lf team to farm glad on my aug evoker, have one a lil above 22 hundo and another round 21 for warmups hmu Purpose#1391

the hardest part about playing aug/dk is trying not to cry when everyone is really mean to you because you’re aware you’re the toxic one in the exchange no matter what they say to you

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this ^

i got so many rage pms when it wasn’t even my fault. I’m just there to grip blind and do 80k dps, it’s the aug that’s the problem.

I can’t even find a team in the LFG at 1800 rating as a healer. That tells me all I need to know about how dead the 3’s bracket is


Bumping this thread, got glad within a couple of q sessions after rerolling and hitting 70 on a meta class (Hpal), from a healer Ive been playing for 20 years (Rsham). Be meta is the advice

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ragdoll death physics when

would really take the rage out of this game if you just ragdolled away like tf2 ragdolls when hit by crits and killed