Worst Crafting RNG


So i picked up leatherworking and i wanted to make some verse/haste boots 440 item level for guardian druid and i went 0-15 on crafting them. Should i just give or keep going…i have ocd :frowning:

(Wariya) #2

Try JC buddy

You need gems from an rng propect to craft rings that have rng stats to learn to craft better rng rings with more rng mats. :sunglasses:


Then i scrap 20 bracers in a row with no expulsom…i love this game

(Turnberry) #4

Came here to say this. My guildmate has spent 1.8 million gold on rolling JC rings and still hasn’t got the right stats.


i literally crafted 30 pairs of boots and have yet to get the right ones