World Server Down


Anyone else getting this? I sit in load screen for about a minute then get World server down even changed toons.


Yeah, i’m also getting it. I got in no issues about 30 min ago, restarted the client and haven’t been able to get back in since.


Haven’t been able to get on since around 9pm PDT last night.


At least I know it isn’t just me. Wonder if they are dropping new build?


Realms offline are usually a sign of new builds, not world servers down. Are you trying to log into Nazjatar, or Zandalar, or KT, or Mechagon? Not sure if they’re all separate world servers, or if they share world servers.


I have toons in different locations - Boat, Seal, Mech and Newhome get same on all of them

(Dan) #7

I imagine its due to 8.2 going live next week but I dont usually play ptr this close to a patch launch so I dont know if this is normal.