We’re home! The authentic Vanilla experience is back!

At last, it’s been too long since the queues and disconnects!

Finally, best WoW is back!

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Caronwyn, I wouldn’t exit – the queue’s are MASSIVE

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It’s funny because it’s true.

world server down also on Westfall

Pagle down!

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And there were players on these forums who said they loved everything about Vanilla. That they even loved the queues and downtime!

I guess they are getting their wish.

Quickly made a character on “Old Blanchey” Running like a well oiled machine over there.

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What doesn’t make sense is I have friends playing right now and I keep getting World Server is down.


I’m in the character select screen, when I click on change server I get a message that I am disconnected, but I am still on the character select screen. Should I disconnect and queue or should I just keep hitting enter world?

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In BFA a barely see 20 peoples around me and now on Classic i saw 2000k people trying to tag a wolf on Pagle before i got Dced :stuck_out_tongue: true wow Vanilla experience!


WTF lower pop servers are you even talking about lololol


If youve been playing since vanilla, the launch of wow and every expansion should have taught you to never take the first day off, you will be lucky to get 3hrs of playable uptime spread out over 15 minute chunks.

Tomorrow or the next day depending on how fast blizz responds would have been the smart money day to burn a sick day.

but you will miss the Vanilla Dced full queue experience…

1min queue on Myzrael, got in and did a quick quest. Game is running smooth.

So I have been getting world server down for 30 minutes now, Should I relaunch or will that just put me in forever que?

Ok guys so I closed the game, relogged. It skipped the queue and actually let me in. NOT BAIT.

You shut your blasphemous mouth.

This actually worked. Got to play for a whole 5 mins then got DC’d, now I’m in a 5000+ que. UGH.

Just DC’d, now stuck on the Logging in to game server window.

I mean, 5/7 of my group have been in and playing since launch. You just had to be in character select really early