World Quest Bug Compensation

So a couple weeks in, and one of the main activities that you even have available in this expansion…still can’t be completed because of Contracts.
So how about you just extend that contract buff by a while week.
I spent 100k on a contract that I cant even really use because too many quests won’t let me complete them while that Contract buff is on.

I am just demanding some pretty basic compensation.
Either give us a new contract in the mail, or just extend the buff.
And while you are at it, maybe undo all that rep you let people exploit their way into…

But primarily, either give us a new contract in the mail, or extend the buff by a solid week or two, because this is just broken.
It is not about fair or unfair, it is about you guys rushing this expansion, like I knew you would, and letting very obvious and well reported/logged bugs that are quite game-breaking.

I am asking for compensation for your mistake. For once, I will pull the “valued customer” nonsense. I am a paying customer, my product was not shipped as was stated previously, and I feel that players deserve a solid in-game compensation for your, Blizzard’s, mistake.

Not heard of this bug before. I’ve been running with a contract for artisans consortium for over a week now. Only time I had any trouble turning in a quest was because of Azure Lag. Is it just certain quests? or some other event that triggers it? Contracts in general aren’t as useful with the Bi-weekly WQ format so I’m glad I didn’t unlock them myself on my inscriptionist.

Not sure I understand the complaint. There aren’t that many WQs in this expansion… are you sure you’re not completing regular side quests and expecting the contract rep on those?

Oh just did some google fu and it says it’s PvP quests that don’t work. You have to click the buff off before stuff works. Thats why I never noticed any issues. I haven’t PvP’d since Wrath.
Considering all the lag issues those PvP WQ cause particularly Wild Arcana maybe they should just turn them off until they can figure out what’s wrong.

It has been happening to hundreds of people on the daily. It was a known factor during Alpha, Beta…and definately was a known factor before launch. There is no way they did not know. It is virtually impossible for them to not know when its happening so often.

The contract, or some bug involving it, is preventing world quests (pvp and pve in my experience) from being completed, and often they just straight up dissapear.
For instance today: I logged on. Looked at my map for any Valdrakken quests. One is there, up north at the very top of the Valdrakken zone. But the second I leave the city, the quest dissapears and can no longer be tracked. But I go back to the city, its trackable and everything…but again, I leave and its gone, along with three other worldquests today.


They are very useful, because they give you rep from any world quest. You have a Valdrakken Contract? EVERY world quest now gives you 10-15 Valdrakken rep. And with the fact that they are going back on this bs “semi weekly” dailiy quest nonsense, they will become very useful, expecially for those of us who chose not to exploit the rep early on. (though I deeply regret it because this is some bs, though offtopic)

those contracts are not worth it with the amount of world quests you get - you might as well do an extra feast or hunt or two or dig a few more piles of dirt

They aren’t. people complained so the WQ are staying Bi-weekly. It was in the blue post were they announced they were “thinking” about changing it that they aren’t now. I guess if that extra 400-500 rep a week is worth the gold on the contract go for it.

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Doing 8 world quests is an extra 120 rep. Thats basically a whole new quest extra.
And with them going back on the semi-daily stuff, making a lot of them daily…
The contracts will be very useful.

Just because you can’t do math, does not mean it is a useless item. Any bonus rep, especially with how timegated the rep is, is worth a contract.


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Upon further review and consideration, we’ve decided to drop this change at this time.

All along, our goal has been to avoid making World Quests feel mandatory, while still offering them as a worthwhile option for players who are looking for things to do on a given day.

Following your feedback here and our own internal discussions, we’re going to try to find other ways to accomplish that without impacting crafting too much or generating a great deal of concern for those who don’t already have a daily routine or want a daily routine.

Thank you.

Ok Logged on a new alt and I see 17 WQ total I think the top quality contract is +15rep so 255 extra rep twice a week is 510 rep. So is an extra 510 rep per week worth however much a contract is going for on your server. I wouldn’t pay 100k gold for that.

I’ve had the WQs disappear from my map, sometimes get untracked by the objective tracker, but I could still show up in the area and complete them and get the rep from the contract.

Wasn’t aware other players weren’t able to complete them at all – except the Wild Arcana, I know that one has problems.

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doing an extra hunt will give you 125 rep for a fraction of the time…

Only for Maruuk, what if you want quest from a faction that does not have something as easily farmable as them? Say the artisan consortium. You can get almost 1000 extra rep a week with a contract especially if the PvP quests werent bugged.

I am 3/5 on those guys and I don’t think I even did anything. I am pretty sure I am not going to obsess about them. All the others are easily farmable.