World pvp isn't dead!

Ah…the breath of fresh air it is to toy with a helpless victim. Watching it writhe, and cry for help it may never see. This is what it means to play rogue my friends…filling your target with the uncertainty that they may never see life again. Ruthlessly hunting down prey with steadfast conviction. Taunting them like a rooster that just laid an egg does to the boundaries of biology. Some rogue from the server of Gilneas reignited the flame that was once snuffed out for me in retail. Now without further ado, let me regale you all with this heart warming Christmas story.
I was just innocently prowling around in the Howling Fjord, when I came across a level 73 gnome that seemed to be questing. Oh twas a grand Christmas eve for ye olde Numbnuts, who proceeded to hunt down (ambiguous rogue name) for a solid 40 minutes and 6 kills worth of jolly fun. The amount of amusement I had would’ve only been magnified if there was some rum in me nog. After each kill, as most rogues do I presume…I initiated the chicken emote to establish my dominance. However, the brave (ambiguous rogue name) kept on trying…even being as bold to attack Numbnuts whilst he consumed the holiday fajita. Between this and seeing a death knight multiboxer continuously aggro 120 guards near the alliance keep and almost dying, this was perhaps the most fun i’ve had in retail in a long time.
Enjoy the holidays, from numbnuts to you!

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Good job, I am proud of you.


I would edit out the names, not worth getting in trouble

Done, didn’t see a point in editing my own out though.

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Your carnage isn’t worth a forum silence :grinning: