World PvP Essence Rank 2

(Kaivax) #1

With a hotfix a few minutes ago, we’ve made it so that Fighting on Two Fronts no longer requires looting the Mechagon Fight Club chest.

The difficulty of this step as a requirement for upgrading Ripple in Space was out of line compared to other parts of the achievement.

We’ll note this in our next hotfixes update.

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(Felplagued) #3

how do you get rank 3? cause it says call to arms, but ive done 4 of them in the past 2 weeks and got nothing, unless you require rank 2 to get rank 3…


Thanks for the timely information on these things. Hopefully someone is reading the feedback, though I doubt you’ll get much objection to this one.

(Niemand) #5

What improvements are in line to help fix the issues people are experiencing with sharding and WPvP balance? There are tons of threads on this topic.

(Whitecrow) #6

Where is the fight club chest?
I’m still trying to find it


It’s in a cave. You have to wait for the drill to spawn there randomly and drill the rocks away.

(Stevas) #8

Had no clue about this. Cheers. Thought it was only active once s03 starts.


How about trying to loot 6 supply crates was it? On horribly alliance dominated war mode oceanic servers/shards

(Stevas) #10

Have u tried looking for raid grps in the lfg tool? Surely there is one thats horde dominated. Thats how i did my 5, 45mins between carts is a bit of a wait tho.


great can you now fix world pvp on the OCE servers now


Nice cheers I’ll try that!