World of Warcraft Supports DirectX 12 on Windows 7

Ya, doesn’t get that bad but its close. Usually within a 10 second window I will drop from 80+ fps to 30 or lower, and its really noticeable.

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So I may be a bit of a tech dummy, but I can’t seem to find any links to the DirectX12 version for Win7.

I have searched Microsoft Support as well as looked through several articles. Where can I find a download link?

My game was doing that a lot under DX11, as in two or three times an hour. I’m running Windows 7. Since moving to DX12, it is now a rare event, maybe once a week. For the record I’m running an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. Yeah, working on updating that.

Since Windows 7 will be out of the patching cycle this coming January I’ll have to move to Windows 10 between here and there. Be interesting to see if this improves or breaks the situation.

Just make sure your video card driver is up to date, and then go into the settings in the WoW client itself and you’ll be able to choose it from a drop down bar. Noticeable differences right away but it’s no bueno on my machine right now.

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I’m running Win 7 x64 and a GTX 970. Anywhere crowded in game or mini-events would lock the whole screen up, but the sound would continue.

So funny because everything else is just a trojan thanks to telemetry.

Good times.

This is the future you wanted, world.

I have windows 10 and directx 12 never “sticks”.

After a game restart is it always back to 11.

This one goes to 11.

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thanks for the laugh …!!!

Update all BGs and Arenas like you have done with Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulge. I find myself only wanting to que up for these BGs and want some diversity.

Just wanted to take a moment to stop in and thank you folks for enabling Direct X 12 for Win 7 / 64 bit users. What a difference this has made for me. Even with my failing monitor, colors are now vibrant, graphic detail are crispy and I can now see into the far distance. It’s like playing a new game. Thank you so much for this update.
/bows in respect

Official Windows 7 support ends January 2020, not exactly worthy of any more focus of the WoW development team, right?

You cant get Dx12 for Win7?

But still no character / full reflections in the water, eh? It’s been 11 years now and the one and only feature that was promised back in Cataclysm still hasn’t been working. Thank you for this update, but DirectX updates mean nothing if you don’t take advantage of them.

I’m happy older systems work now, but I really wish newer systems could get the rewards of having a great system and the developers after 11 years could actually implement character reflections.

Please tell me how to disable this. I have a graphics workstation laptop and DX12 makes my laptop shut down within 5 minutes from overheating. They shouldn’t change DX version in the middle of an xpac. Specs say DX11 I expect it to be that