World of Warcraft Post-BlizzCon Q&A

Let us have the option to have the alpha worgen models for cata classic, blizz

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Will account-wide reputations and renown apply retroactively to that earned in prior expansions?

For example, would Earthen Ring rep earned by one character in Cataclysm be shared with a new character I created in Dragonflight, or would only rep and renown earned in The War Within be shared among all my alts?

Is Pathfinder and static flying gonna in these next three installments?

Wow 2 is a pipe dream…actually its not even that close to a reality its someone dreaming that there’s a dream of a chance of wow 2 happening.

BUT…Tallie and Evitel, though I rarely just go along with streamers (and no I don’t faithfully watch ANY streamer routinely) …make a point that seems feasible to me…

They are contending this world saga is a route blizz is using to tie up all current major story elements in this iteration of WoW. They believe after the last world saga (The Last Titan…I believe that’s what they called it) then a major overhaul of wow will happen in terms of graphics and system updates in a major sense…now if you want to call that “WoW 2”…so be it.

To me a true “WoW 2” – being a new World of Warcraft game entirely from the ground up – is never going to happen though.

Will there be any new PVP systems in War Within?
Also, how will the new Heroic Talents work in PVP (fully, with tuning, or pve only)?

Make sure you’re putting your questions in the Q&A thread or they could get lost- Submit Your Questions for the WoW Development Team Here - #4 by Kneeshooter-amanthul

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What about professions? Will professions in The War Within be like Dragonflight?

Heroic talents look like a interesting addition, where you can add new heroic talents options every expac or even during patches when it fits in…

BUT…I’m a bit worried about druid class talent tree. (and a few others things)

Will the druid class talent tree come out of alpha before we get another layer of (heroic) talents?

Will guardian druid ever actually get a tank mechanic?

Any new race/class combinations, and if so, what are they?

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Instead of Rider of the Apocalypse do Lich. Focusing on the necromancy side of DK, summons and/or casting magic like the SL cinematic where Bolvar throws large chunks of Icecrown at Sylvannas.

Will Gnolls ever become a playable race?
Will we get any new classes during the Worldsoul saga?
Will Dracthyr get static flight and will their cooldown for soar be reduced or removed?
Will Dracthyr ever get other classes and will other races ever be able to be evokers?
Will Void Elves get some drama their way during the Midnight expansion?
Will Death Knights be a big part of the last Titan seeing as we will be dealing with the Scourge again?
When will Sylvanns show up again?
Will any major characters die during the Worldsoul saga?

It’s cowardly how you won’t do it live. This sounds like we’re going to be served corporate snake speak.

IDK here I have many questions that I would like them all to answer, but I leave you a few to choose from, and only one for the version of the server, whether retail or the classic servers of the game.


  • It will include new weapons like 1H guns and crossbows? seeing hunters or classes that use range weapons is too boring, we need sawed-off shotguns, pistols, guns :gun: and mini crossbows, I’m already tired of carrying brooms :broom: , I want more range variety weapons.

  • You will have more freedom for other classes to use other weapons such as DH to use daggers or 2H weapons? and a variety of melee classes to use warglaives, there is still a lot of weapon limitation and we need more variety no matter what class you are.

  • There is already enough thread talking about the tinker as a new class, it will be possible in the future of the following expansions to finally bring the new class? here I have an idea of what this class and its specs would be like.


  • Blizzard, the WotLK era realm should not disappear, it is the last thing left in WotLK and changing to the next expansion with revamp does not respect the quality that was the last of the classic era servers before the first revamp.

  • NO MORE LFR IN CATACLYSM SERVER: The RDF was a quick solution for players who no longer have time to be in MMOs for work, but the RDF was chaos for society within the video game, it is not advisable to enable it even for the future of the classic expansion.


  • Since the rogues has the new event this season, would you like it to include the fan of the knives? It is difficult for us to be combat rogue only in PVE, I would like to expand to other specs that the community would like to be in the role of their class.

Well, that would be it, the rest would be each one for each version of WoW, I don’t think it’s everything, but it would be the most important thing for you to see, especially that of the tinker.

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Yeah, where is my sword Ion?

You know, I am a merciful fridge but this… is unforgivable.

For months, I tried to discuss the seriousness of the sword being added yet, I was only met by… radio silence. Do you know what radio silence can do to a man let alone a fridge in need?

That’s right, it can make the tears of our ice boxes sweat with sadness. I can only hope that one day, you will see the misdeeds of your actions and add the sword. It is a legendary weapon, the best in the World (of Warcraft).

April 2023 is when this fridge in particular made his post, asking for some attention towards a BEAUTIFUL CLAYMORE of dashing sliver and dark metallic blue

Next year, I will be cosplaying as a fridge and I will be holding up this picture the size of a poster board until you tell me why the sword was never added… then maybe we can grab a beer afterwards.

Gather your troops Ion, including (but not limited to) Swolinka, Zorbix, and Kaivix because all the fridges in the land will know of your misdeeds. It will be a mighty battle of whom can drink the most beer, fridges or the warcraft devs.

Perhaps if you can hotfix said Obsidian Gladiator’s Greatsword in, the fridge people will forgive you and host a party of wits, nerdiness and alcohol come this time next year.

playable ogres when


Make this happen Blizz

Are there -any- plans being kicked around the office to fix the lore leveling experience for new/returning/nostalgic players? A main quest-line clearly marked?
Possible phased version of old prepatch content for critical transitional lore between expansions? Maybe even solo dungeon/raid for spots where the lore is dungeon bound while leveling? (Or aided by an NPC/NPCs)

Perhaps curated by a bronze dragonflight attendant who takes you through chains, teleports you to the next hub, and gives some exposition on the who/what/where why? Perhaps your new character has been a long-established adventurer and fought the void in a future expansion and had a mental break and had to re-live your adventures? Perhaps fragmented in time to rejoin iterations of yourself? Who knows, that’s up to the writers on the WHY.

As it stands, I have purchased multiple copies of wow for friends and lost out on the last version of the recruit a friend bonuses because the game is too chaotic and complicated for new players to keep focus. A more streamlined mainline story experience would help people get caught up on the lore, enjoy the world more, and still get a decent leveling experience. If nothing else, a refresher would be nice for many of us as the lore is pretty scattered due to the nature of chromie time and the benefits it brings to veteran players.

I’m not the only guy talking about this, many have for a while now. Including Bellular/Soulsobreezy/taliesin. I personally feel its pretty critical for player retention. Endgame is always an interesting time, but “how we got here” is also important.

Would you guys do class Q&As/AMAs for every class in the game, especially for next expansion since this expansion is most of the way over? Just like back in Warlords and Legion, those were some of the best things of all time.

when will we see a return to lordoron?

Question about the achievements. I am trying to understand how its going to work.

Let’s say my warlock achieved 1800 RBG back in Mists, which allowed me to gain access to the replica vanilla set for transmog. Will that achievement unlock for ALL my characters, regardless of spec? So my Priest could then transmog the vanilla pvp set, even though that class did not reach 1800 in RGB?

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