World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Catch up on the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more in our newest update.

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You guys are burning the midnight oil right this very second I see in the afternoon in California.

The UI changes look interesting. Hope they pan out well.

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:clown_face: Fix the Classic Servers and quit pretending it is impossible to avoid a queue :clown_face:

:clown_face: Add X-Realm capabilities/Sharding and RDF :clown_face:

Elon Musk is working on setting up a space base on Mars and you guys are still working on how to fit more then 7k people on a server at a time when ESO figured it out at launch years ago :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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The server I have two characters on ashkandi I don’t think has any queue at all (nope no queue logged right in). Are you playing on a super high population server intentionally? Cause that won’t ever be fixed.

There is nothing they can do at all in that case and you’ll have to deal with it.

Last I checked he was pouring his efforts into removing footage of Tesla’s self-driving software driving into child-sized crash test dummies. Oh, and desperately trying to appeal to menials on Twitter.

Maybe the joke went over my head, but it’s like 2pm in California right now.

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It’s afternoon for them

What’s wrong with them?

I thought those are what people agreed ruined the game?

The classic servers are too populated so there are login queues. Blizz said they can’t increase the capacity because it’s apparently impossible. Also, yes those features ruined the game for people who ACTUALLY like classic so I am confused why this person is even playing classic

Hoping for cross faction guilds by the end of the year so I can have my 25 horde and 25 alliance alts together in my bank guild!

Elon Musk is throwing money at scientists so he can take credit later while malding on social media.


It means they’ve been working hard to get lots of stuff out not that the post was made at midnight.

No idea why people took that literally.

Because the very niche phrase your chose to use, means that they’re up late lol.

Glad to see wallpapers that aren’t Shadowlands! Now we just need mobile wallpapers!