World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Catch up on the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more in our newest update.

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Like the click cast binding. Mouseover macros exist for it. But having it in the accessibility options sound great.

Maybe unrelated, but have you thought on adding more NPC gear to be able to be used? Night Elf archer armor, many Suramar armor as well, Huntress Kasparian armor, etc. There are many cool ones we cannot wear.

It was a cool step adding Nightborne weapons.


This is like receiving yesterdays newspaper on your doorstep.


I am very excited for April 19th.


Ok, but what about paid character recustomization on TBC Classic, I’m begging you to let me give you money to just change the way my character looks. Please and thank you.

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Y’know, when it said “Expansion Reveal Event”, I was so excited!

…Then I came here and saw it was for Classic Burning Crusade.
Props to the Classic Dev team and all, I’m sure the nostalgia is there for a lot of people. But eventually we’re going to have Classic Warlords, Classic BfA, and Classic Shadowlands.


Why announce old classic news lol

Can’t wait for the new expansion announcement!

What time is the announcement on the 19th?

Article has a broken link for the music of Zereth Mortis. There’s a missing “h” from the “https://”.


I sure hope my soul doesn’t end up getting explored and then stuck in a bag someday. Sounds humiliating.

It’s not for Classic BC though. At the very top of the article, it says:

Save the date! The future is coming for World of Warcraft on April 19. The WoW dev team is excited to show off what they’ve been working on and where your next adventures in Azeroth will take you!

They’re announcing a new expansion on the 19th.

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Create a new character

Your gif makes me feel compelled to tell this little story.

I have stray cats that live around my house. I feed them. We have a bad stray issue in my small Texas town.
They started bringing stuff onto my porch. First a Sea Shell, then a tortilla… (no idea where they got that). Then a dead pigeon.

Well about 3 days ago, I watch one of them walk off out of my back yard with a dead squirrel in it’s mouth. We also have Pecan trees and Squirrels love to be in them.

That evening I go out onto my porch and what do I see?

Just. The. Tail.

A super bushy, red and brown, squirrel tail. Gnawed off at the base and placed onto my porch about a foot from my door.


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3000 + honor rep is too much. Please change it to cost 3 flux or 30 max + neutral/friendly rep so i can play alts

Weekly Bonus Event: World Quests

Oh god, why do I never check before doing my world quests!! :sob:

True love.

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Free transfer server to earthfury IN TBC CLASSIC COME OON!

You’re beautiful bald.