World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

“Eta son.”

“sat around filing your nails and trimming your split ends while the men did 70% of the work around the office.”


Honestly, to me it reads more like something Talliesin would say.

There should be an option to flag a blue post for trolling.


Thank you for the update, Mr. Bot.

Beep boop!

So this is the exciting news Mike was hinting at?

Some clickbait, a new 6 month store mount and a RaiderIo shout out?



Fix feral druids already jesus

Blizz, can you please not post times like 14:00? If it’s PST, it should say 2:00 PM.

You’re not aware that there were male managers at Blizzard who routinely assigned their work to their female underlings and played COD instead? It’s part of the court filing.

GW2 isn’t real competition. There is no vertical progression there and it can be played at any time. People won’t ditch playing WoW for it unless they’re already done with what they wanted to do. Falling behind here is a much bigger deal.

I don’t consider updates to the classics as news worthy.


Which is how wow bgs used to be.

14:00 is 2pm … that is based of a 24 hour clock/ military time

Just count past 12, it’s easy

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Even WoW BGs at their most accessible had a patch-by-patch timegated gearing cycle that forced new/returning players to trudge through getting absolutely creamed for a couple weeks before they’re actually playing.

I don’t want to. I don’t live in Europe.

What about reducing the extended clutter in our characters bags and banks?
What about converting more items to toys?
What about either lifting the “unique” tags from items like shirts so that we can place them into void storage or let us allow items tagged as “unique” be placed into void storage?
What about giving everything a sell price?
What about increased stack sizes for crafting materials and consumeables?
What about more bank slots?
What about giving those useless leftover quest items that refuse to disappear at least grey quality so that we can be certain that they are safe to get rid of?
What about items that are marked as unique not dropping when we already have them instead of beeing send by mail automatically when we can not pick them up?

I mean, the reagents bank was added in 6.0.2 and this was the last change for the bank.
And 9.2 will again add a huge amount of new items.

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Ah, I did not know the details, I just assumed it was a yet another random Feminist statement.