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World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

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This is terrible wording to put into an announcement when there’s no 9.2 release date mentioned. Great clickbait. Did Bellular write that post?


Where 9.2 release date??


They did something like this back on launch too, I remember getting so mad about it lmao.

I don’t really understand why this blog exists.
Play with the blues could have just been a forum thread titled just that. There is nothing else worth reading in it.

Was this just another way to advertise Wen Lo?


Maybe, but now it’s “Wen 9.2?”


Ahahahahahaha clever one, made my morning reading this :rofl: :rofl:


You guys had to know that people would think this meant an actual release date, right?

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Spoiler for anyone thinking there’s actual news: there isn’t.


I like the mount. I hadn’t seen it before. And didn’t know they fixed a bit of the issue with getting flying in Zerith Mortis. So not horrible news.


Sooo……any news on getting this good boy? If he’s part of Hearthstone he needs to be in WoW too.


“Just talk to us more often about what’s going on- oh, and you better tell us exactly what we want to hear.”

Firstly, I appreciate that the team has started offering more frequent updates and I think it’s a little unfair for players to get angry that we’re getting “something like” what we’ve been asking for.

Secondly, this really needs to be every week without fail.

Thirdly, I understand that the team might not make what they think that we players will perceive as progress every week, HOWEVER…

FOURTHLY, I think just a quick summary of what the team worked on IN RELATION to the next patch week to week would make us players feel somehow “better” and not leave us sitting around wondering if you all “sat around playing Unannounced Survival Game all week while the women did 70% of the work around the office”.
“We worked on tuning X enemy and talked about Y feedback (not just when you reach a conclusion), and did Z in art design. Next week we’re hoping to get A,B, and C further along.” Would be a great sentence or two blurb to just assure all of us progress is being made, on the Twitter even, rather than a big ole blog post that feels “full of nothing we wanted to hear” in relation.


They had one of these blog articles posted on June 14th like 3 days before the 9.1 announcement on the 17th, which gave a date of the 29th. Give or take this could imply February 15th for 9.2.

Edit: found it -

its seems to me they are just waiting for gw2 to make eod release date so they can do the cheap Overshadowing thing they always do


there is not a single update in this post??


Hello! 9.2 please! Thanks!

Almost everyone in this thread are getting upset over a bot that just reports information that was given past week for retail PTR and TBC classic, all into a summarization, and also Reporting upcoming events in February


You guys complained they didn’t talk to us. Now they do regular posts and you complain they exist

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Everyone is in such a rush to play this patch for a year. lol.


doubt anyone is upset :upside_down_face: :pizza:

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This, 200%.

Sorry this is not the release date we all hoped for, but come on people… This is increased communication coming from blizzard devs, engaging with the community (in-game even!)
They need to be given some time to allow the good changes their efforts are pushing for. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Edit- if nothing else this should tell you they’re actually trying to polish off 9.2 and getting back to the blizzard “it’s not shipping until it’s truly ready” mentality of the golden years