World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

I like that Blizz actually did an update post to the community.

That said - give us our upright standing undead models, and give undead and troll males facial hair!

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I was hoping to see more substantial class related changes by now:

  • Core talent revamps and tuning
  • Legendary tuning

There are some improvements but I was expecting massive improvements like in Legion 7.1.5

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upcap blade flurry and fix deathspike legendary bugs please

Void elves are getting new customisations for 9.1.5? They are the only legion AR without new stuff.


Hi Blizzard.

My two questions that’s gone unanswered for 2 years:

Any news on fixing nameplate distance/line of sight bugs with this patch?

What about druid bear form hit-box issues?

The timeline should align for Classic and BCC with the mainline event. Should that change for some reason, we’ll make sure to update as quickly as possible and keep you all informed. As should also be expected, the mainline event and Classic event are a bit different in what they offer, but still should be a lot of fun.

Good luck, everyone, on getting the Headless Horseman mount who have yet to get it. It’s still my go-to when I’m in-game.

As always, feedback on these articles is appreciated.


Nightborne male faces fixed, but male night elf faces are not?


I would personally like to see Monks get their specialized skills back. I mean paladins and warriors get both 2H weapons and shield skills so why not give all monks blackout kick and blackout strike? And giving all of them Touch of Death kinda takes away from being DPS in my opinion.

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All the two horde allied races are getting new things, made only for them. Why one of the two legion alliance allied races is getting only copy paste customisations from their parent race?

If you had just copy-and-paste night elf customisations to nightborne too, i could understand. Alliance players are paying for their subs too, why horde get more content?


Yeah, I think that is the only thing people wanted to know.

In the future can we have smaller content patches?
like sure 9.1.5 will out whenever you guys want it to be which i think is dumb that there isnt even a release date yet but besides the point. So many nice things are going to come with 9.1.5 that i imagine some could be released in smaller batches.
the balance changes to some classes couldv’ve already been out. Who care about the pve meta anymore hall of fame is closed, people mostly raid log if that.
In pvp i think people would enjoy seeing the updates to different classes. Its not fun seeing same comps over and over again. let people play around with different comps more consistent buffs/nerfs.
This idea of batching everything in one singular mega patch seems really archaic to me. If you have a cool xmog idea or something just release rather than tell community “you gotta wait 4-5 months for different horns for high mountain please be excited!”
I love this game but these bread crumbs you keep putting out are starting to really turn me away from the game.


It will be November 23rd. Yep a systems patch going up against EndWalker. lol


Ngl i’m excited for Arathi Blizzard at least lol,

I wish yall would make a halloween version of it.

The fog / LOS effect used for Arathi Blizzard would make for an amazing silent hill themed map.

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Well, if we have a broom mount we’d need to retire the current broom mount and replace it with something unique to the event :+1:

My vote would be for a flying pumpkin mount :laughing:

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Nah. Just put sparkles on a and make it have a regular mount cast time. The instant cast one would still be super useful!


MoP timewalking next week. Time to spam more characters to 60

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I think they forgot to add news to their news post.


My guess is not for 2 weeks at least so we will all be 80 (for those keeping up weekly) come next Tuesday. But who knows.

No conduit changes
No soulbind changes
No legendary tuning
No covenant tuning
No substantial class balancing or tuning to specs in desperate need
No healer tuning
No update on a 9.2 being a thing
No update on a release frame for 9.1.5


Hmm :thinking:

I suppose there doesn’t have to be a 9.2, they could just go 9.1.5 to 10.0, that’s unlikely though and would require you to believe that SoD is the final raid tier. I think there’s a good chance 9.2 will be a thing