World of Warcraft Forum Upgrades!

I want to believe now that we’re using new software it can only improve from here on out, no?

What about this social capital, Orwellian stuff people have been concerned about?

I think people just blew it out of proportion. We’ll have to wait and see how things progress.

I’ve only been looking around the forums for a few minutes, but I’m not a fan.

  1. The new layout feels more like Reddit (NEVER go Reddit) than a forum.

  2. I like the look of the notification system, but I can’t find any where to turn the system off completely.

  3. Replies to individual posts? Why?!

The layout is going to take a lot of getting used to, I think.


I suspected this was the reason for the months long broken history (working on a new forum and thus deprioritized bugs on old one).

Still would have been nice to know.

Jury’s still out on what I think. Preview pane is nice, but scrolling feels kludgy. Overall feels like a lot of clutter.


Notifications can be turned off in your user preferences.


This feels cumbersome and not as comfortable as the old forums. I’m not a fan at all.


Ythsy, tell the people who worked on this upgrade, thanks for all their work.

I personally am totally lost and confused but then that’s normal in new surroundings. Pretty sure I’ll adapt eventually as will everyone else.


Can’t scroll the Blizz Tracker with K and J keyboard shortcuts the same way you can other sections.

Edit: Also there is no navigation shortcut to jump directly to the Blizz Tracker like every other section has.

I suggest the shortcut (g,g) !!!

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So how should we go about requesting pinned/stickied posts now? Since many are no longer pinned, how can we report/request them to be put back up, or request a post to be pinned in general? Many forums, especially RP realm forums and more specific ones, had tips, rules, FAQs, etc what were community managed. Would just like to get those back one way or another.


Best part about these forums is the Blue Tracker. Now, I don’t have to go to a third-party fan site to see what Blizzard Peeps have posted.

How do we request sticky? :snake:


So… how come the website still links to the old forums?

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Is everything reset so that people who received a past suspension will be able to reach level 3?

Or will they forever be barred from it even for minor offoenses…?

Random question I haven’t found an answer to.

Is Forum Rep account wide or do we have to grind it on all characters? I like to swap toons depending on context of the thread (mage in mage, hunter in hunter, etc) and that would not be fun getting to level 3 on all of them!

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That’s actually a good question.

I hope it’s account wide.

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I hope so as well would hate to have to grind it out on each toon.

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Thanks for this was looking for something detailing how the trust system worked :smiley:

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You mean downgrade?


Really liking the changes! Very good flow and features.


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