World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Northrend Available for Pre-Order

World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Northrend Available for Pre-Order

Continue your journey through Azeroth with a trip to Northrend in the latest addition to the Exploring Azeroth series—now available for pre-order.

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No thanks. You get enough money.


Modern Blizz is regularly retconning these extra purchases.
And this is just rehashed info from material that has already been out there since wotlk ~2008 or even as far back as Warcraft 3. So if you’re into story/lore/reading as a hobby, save your cash and get one of the wotlk CE books or any other material on eBay or whatever at a fraction of the price.

Since half of Northrend activities are retconned, there’s no consequence, no weight to what you’re reading, so why not save your cash?

What a neat product! Is there a book like this for every zone? I would love to have one of these. OOh or what about a scrapbook that a super screenshot nerd like me can use to fill its pages with pictures we take through our character’s eyes? (In game screenshots we can just print on our own but have a really cool wow style scrapbook to put them in?) Love the cover art. Definitely going on my list! Thanks to the wonderful artists and loremakers who create such beautiful things for us to experience. <3

You may not be able to get to northrend because we made a mistake but here bucko, buy our book!

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OMG first blue post in months, ty blizzard for letting us know you are still there, was getting worried!


lol poor arthas. pissing all over his grave after turning him into anima.

Uh no… read the above post from yours unless you like setting money on fire

Arthas turning to anime? I don’t get it…

reread my post?

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“To each their own.” :wink: