World of Warcraft: Dragon Isles (The Real Deal?)

Seems legit.

Tinker fanboys on life support.

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Just for anyone that may be curious, the ‘leak’ posts the video talks about are:

And the one bit of particular interest is the leak talked about cross faction coming, and bits about its implementation, 4 days before Blizzard announced it publicly, these posts on the the 27th of January:

Official Blizzard cross faction announcement on the 31st:


Well, a YouTuber made a video on it, so this must be the real one.


Cool thanks. Can’t stand that content creator.


I very specifically will never watch a video where the thumbnail is someone doing those stupid :open_mouth: faces. It’s nothing more than a red flag saying “my content alone won’t keep people engaged so I must pretend everything is InSaNE”


Yep. I see a thumbnail like that I immediately refuse to watch. The worse/clickbaity it seems, the less likely of me watching it is.


Well, I’m not going to watch a 33 minute streamer talk. It’s probably interesting as is Alamisha’s post - who’s attachments I probably will read. A TLDR in your own words would be better.


I didn’t even look at the time, kudos to Alamisha for saving everyone 30 minutes to read what is probably the same information, in an actually reasonable format.


Looks like Shadowlands but with dragons. And leaks have been saying Dragon Isles for every expac and some patches of expacs for years.

can someone like give me actual details?

1.) I’m slacking off at work

2.) Don’t want to watch a youtube video.

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“The Dragon Isles are happening”.

  • Aspect themed zones.

  • Aspect themed “Covenants” with no borrowed power asosciated with them.

  • There is some sort of “Dragon Anima” system (not formally named) during the test… also might have been a placeholder system.

  • Swap between “Dragon Covenants” / “Anima” shared between all four “Dragon Covenants” (again, Anima might be placeholder).

  • Infinite Dragons and Sand trolls confirmed.

  • A new system that sounds a lot like Jailer’s Gauntlet.

  • No new class was play-tested.

That was the jist of it. The main thing is that it is basically a real leak because the same guy who leaked this leaked Cross-Faction in the exact implementation we’re getting several days before the press release about it.

I mean, yeah. You can say BFA looked like Legion, and that Shadowlands looked like BFA. They’re all kind of templated around the same foundations.

I doubt Blizzard is going to do anything wild. Return to basics, return to core content, deliver an experience they know how to deliver. Cool systems of cosmetic delivery, strong M+ content, strong raids, and “WoW flavor”.

People are on something else if they think that 10.0 is going to be a radical departure.

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lets make dragons great again


Does that mean there’s actually hot singles near me and they want to meet?


It’s been almost 13 year since we’ve had a proper dragon raid. It’s time for the nickname “Dragonslayers” to feel appropriate again.

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I will support this leak on this alone. The Farraki will rise again…


Yeah not going to jump on any viral marketing train about nothing… Blizzard has let me down one to many times… You all need to have a newspaper used on your and sent to a corner.

The dude in the thumbnail looks like he’s getting a broom shoved up his butt, how is this supposed to be taken seriously as a source of information?

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People get so madge about clickbait thumbnails but the science proves it works. It’s just part of the deal with youtube.

Science proves that having 100 30 second videos makes more ad revenue than 10 300 second videos. Science is also looking at the wrong data to comfort themselves. I say ban advertising from the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but I doubt they’ll do Covenants and Torghast again. They have numerous systems always, but it’s not like we had Class Halls in BFA. Islands got dropped. Warfronts got dropped. Corruptions got dropped.

And like I said, every leak is Dragon Isles. The last patch of BFA was supposed to be Dragon Isles. I’ll believe it when I see it.