World of Warcraft Defaults to EU Site


I am having a small issue with my World of Warcraft bookmark on Google chrome.

Everytime i start up my computer i bring up a Chrome page and click on the WoW bookmark to check out the forums and such. but everytime i go to click it for the first time it always send me to WoW/en-gb/ Which is the EU site.

I am based in Sydney - Australia. ive seen it happen to a fair few of my friends online. so far we dont have a solution.

Would anyone know why this happens? and that could possibly help me out?

Thank you.

I’m not sure, but my Support link is going to at the moment and I’m in Canada. No hablo español.

Can confirm, mine started doing that a couple days ago, as well. It’s no biggie to just scroll down and click back to English for now, but it’s possibly a caching issue. It just doesn’t bug me enough to clear it yet.

Anyone know a way to fix this? its been happening to me for years now. and its been seriously annoying lol.

i didnt mind it at first but im kinda over it atm. just want to get into the US site without interruptions…

Have you tried deleting your cache so your browser can toss some unimportant files?

Alternatively, you can just set a bookmark button that leads directly to the US forums.

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How do i do that?

I have done that. even the bookmark leads me into the EU site.